The Force Field is one of the powers of Chase Davenport, Taylor and Marcus Davenport's abilities. It protects the user from any force and most energy attacks, but can also contain an object or energy. It is also used in separating and protecting targets from anything outside the force field. It can be made into solid, tangible energy with the force of a blunt weapon.

Chase uses his force field to deflect Adam's heat vision


Chase Davenport:

  • His blue force field is shown first in Crush, Chop and Burn.
  • Over the seasons, his becomes more developed.
  • The first time he uses it, it is a solid blue orb that looks almost like it's made out of glass.
  • His Force-field ball can shut down electrical devices as seen in Back From the Future.
  • When he uses it in Smart and Smarter, it is a transparent, practically clear one with blue waves of electricity that look like lightning running through it.

Marcus Davenport:

  • When he uses it for the first time, you don't actually see the field, he just reflects the ray Donald fires at him with his apparently bare hands.
  • Chase protects Douglas

    His is green.
  • His is a big green half-circle which is large enough to reach from his head to his toe.

Bionic Soldiers (Some members; possibly):

  • They have not been shown yet, except for Taylor, but it is still a strong possibility that it will turn out that they have this ability.

Troy West:

  • He used it only in Bionic Action Hero.
  • His is blue.
  • It is transparent and on one side only.



  • When Leo tried to escape the school in You Posted What?!?, she trapped him in a force field.

Dr. Gao:

  • In Space Colony, Dr. Gao uses a red force field to protect himself from the others.

Daniel Davenport:

Chase's force field ball

  • He used it only in The Vanishing.
  • His is blue.
  • He probably doesn't actually have this ability, but replicated it from Chase or a bionic student.


The most common use for the force field is for protection.



It is often used for attack; and once is used for what could basically be considered attack since Chase launches it into the air.


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Season 2

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Season 4


  • When the Force Field Ball is ready to be attacked, it looks similar to the Kamehameha wave attack from Dragon Ball.
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