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Geo-leaping is the bionic ability for a user to molecularly transfer, or teleport, themselves, and others they are in physical contact with, from one place to another by thinking about the destination and without occupying the space in between, allowing them to vanish completely from one area and reappear in their destination.


Geo-leaping was debuted in the episode Parallel Universe by Parallel Leo. It was used again by Victor Krane in Season 3. Geo-leaping can be used to bypass any obstruction, but Donald's security fence can block a person's geo-leaping (Taken). If the user wants to leave anything behind, he has to be conscious about it, or he will end up taking anything in contact if caught off-guard.


Season 2

  • Parallel Universe: Donald tells Leo that geo-leaping was one of the new abilities that parallel universe Tasha gave him, but that it was untested. He tells Leo that to make it work, all he has to do is picture the location he wants to be in. Leo geoleaps him and parallel universe Donald out of their handcuffs and away from the FBI, landing in Mission Creek High's school cafeteria. When the Henderson siblings catch up to them, Leo geoleaps again, and ends up in the middle of the school hallway instead of the lab. Parallel universe Donald theorizes that it was because of a glitch.

Season 3

  • Taken: Krane geoleaps into the lab to fight Adam, Bree, and Chase once the security fence is deactivated. When he fails to beat them, he geoleaps out.
  • Rise of the Secret Soldiers: When the Davenport family goes to confront the bionic soldiers, they find themselves in an empty lot. The bionic soldiers geoleap there shortly afterwards.
  • Bionic Houseparty: The first time that Agent Reed comes, they geoleap away from her. Donald attempts to explain geoleaping to her, but she has no patience for the explanation. After more bionic soldiers come into the mansion, Adam attempts to ditch the bionic army by leading them somewhere, then running away. However, the army just geoleaps back to Adam's current location despite his efforts.

Season 4

  • Bionic Rebellion: Two of Sebastian's friends, Lexi and Tank, geoleap away from the training area to where Adam, Bree, and Chase are in order to fight them.
  • Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med: Gray Granite used this ability during the Bionic vs Super showdown. However he appears to only able to achieve short-range teleportation, unlike the other superheroes.
  • Bionic Action Hero: As the room is about to explode, the androids begin to geoleap away from the location. Leo has an idea and Adam, Bree, Leo, and Douglas grab onto an android as they are geoleaping away and escape.
  • Space Colony: Dr. Gao geoleaps himself and Donald away after putting him under the influence of the Triton App. Krane says that he gave Dr. Gao that ability in return for saving him from death. Dr. Gao then geoleaps back in with a case of liquid bionics
  • The Vanishing: The bionic soldiers get geoleaped without intending to inside a room under the island. In that room, they are not able to use their bionics.