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Gray Granite is a superhero from Mighty Med. He comes with Tecton and Gamma Girl to try and stop The Incapacitator. His only appeared in in Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med.

He is portrayed by Mike O'Hearn.


In Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med, Gray Granite, along with Gamma Girl went with Tecton to the Davenport Bionic Academy to find The Incapacitator. He believed that the Lab Rats were working with The Incapacitator. But a fight between supers and bionics ensue in which Adam fight Tecton, Bree fights Gamma Girl, and Chase and Leo fight Gray Granite. The fight ensues and then Davenport calls saying he needs help fighting the Incapacitator. After this, they stop fighting and Kaz appears and explains who the superheroes are and who the Incapacitator is. The Incapacitator threw Gray Granite, Tecton, and Gramma Girl in an "energy cage" through the roof of the Academy. It unknown if Gray Granite or Tecton survived but Gramma Girl was shown to survived in Mighty Med so it is likely he survived.


Superhuman Abilities

  • Stone Mimicry: His skin has made of hard rocks. His stone form is incredibly resilient and grants him great strength to hold his stone staff or take on other super strength users like Megahertz.
    • Reforming: Gray Granite can choose to disperse/scatter his body into small rocks and reconstruct himself for surprise attacks or achieve Teleportation to another place, but limited to a short distance.
    • Gravity Manipulation: he is able to control gravity. He uses his staff to do it like when he pulled Gus down to the ground (Evil Gus) or pull his staff into his hand if separated from him (Lab Rats Vs. Mighty Med).


  • Fighting Staff - He carries with him a staff, which according to Oliver weights 6,000 trading cards (24 lbs., 0.004 per card) and when he slammed in the floor it caused earthquake. His staff is extremely durable against Chase's laser bo and can absorb even Leo's laser spheres that briefly increase its power.

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