Why would you give a body to the most vile computer program ever created?
Chase to Donald

"Human Eddy" is the 17th episode in Season 4 of Lab Rats: Bionic Island. It first aired on October 14, 2015. This is the 89th episode overall. It features the last appearance of Eddy, and also his first and only time that his human self appears.


Davenport gives Eddy, the smart home system, a synthetic human body, and he quickly becomes a model employee working alongside Terry. Meanwhile, Chase gets an offer to go to Washington DC to work for the President, but Adam doesn't want him to leave.


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  • Oddly enough, there are beginner level students present, even though everyone was promoted up a color level Space Elevator, and since that episode, there has not been a single yellow-level student. They could have been demoted however.
  • Eddy disabled Bree's and Leo's bionics with laser cuffs, which is said to block the signal from someone's bionic chip. Leo however, doesn't have a bionic chip.
  • When Chase began being followed by Adam, he was in his formal attire, but when they entered the Commons area, and he was in his mentor uniform.


Chase: Does this guy even know anything about bionics?
Donald: Actually, he knows more about bionics than you think. Isn't that right?
Human Eddy: That's right!
Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo: Ahhh!
— Chase, Donald, Human Eddy, Adam, Bree and Leo
I don't know about the hammer, but I'm definitely looking at a room full of tools!
— Eddy to the others
Go choke on a muffin!
— Human Eddy to Leo and Bree
You're asking whether I trust my technology more than my children? Yes!
— Donald to Bree and Leo
Didn't feel a thing, who else wants to not hurt me?
— Human Eddy
Adam: Okay, do you wanna know the real reason why I didn't want you to get the job?

Chase: Oh, this should be really good.
Adam: Because I didn't want you to leave!

— Adam and Chase


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