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Donald busting the kids by wearing the Invisibility Cloak.

The Invisibility Cloak is a cloak that makes you appear invisible when you put the cloak on. It has appeared in Mission Invisible and Memory Wipe. It was invented by Donald Davenport.

In Mission Invisible, the Lab Rats' bionics were caught on video at school, and Principal Perry was going to watch the video. So the Rats came up with a plan: Leo would wear the Invisibility Cloak into Perry's office and take the hard drive which had their bionics on video. When Leo made it into Perry's office, the Invisibility Cloak fell off of Leo, exposing him.

The Invisibility Cloak appeared again at the beginning of the episode, Memory Wipe. When Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo were sneaking in past curfew, Donald catches them by wearing the Cloak, knowing that Chase would scan the room first to make sure no one was in the room.


  • The Invisibility Cloak can't work even when Chase uses his Scan Vision to scan the room the person is in while wearing the cloak.
  • The Invisibility Cloak could be inspired from the Invisibility Cloak in Harry Potter.


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