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Janeleo (Janel/le and L/eo) is the friendship and romantic pairing of Leo Dooley and Janelle. It is the most popular non-bionic pairing, alongside Dasha. They have had some sweet moments together, and it is shown that Leo has a crush on Janelle. It was confirmed in One of Us that they are dating.

Other Names

  • Lanelle (L/eo and J/anelle)
  • Leonelle (Leo and Ja/nelle)
  • Jeo (J/anelle and L/eo)
  • Janeo (Jan/elle and L/eo)


Season 1

Can I Borrow the Helicopter?

  • They rode in a helicopter together.
  • Leo wanted to impress Janelle.
  • It's revealed Leo has a crush on Janelle.
  • Janelle puts her head on Leo's shoulder.
  • They are to be really close in the episode.
  • Leo and Janelle were talking at school.
  • They gave each other many flirty smiles.
  • Leo wanted to always hang out with Janelle.

Back From the Future

  • Janelle asked Leo to go to the movie.
  • They were married in the future.
  • Future Leo was mad when Leo ruined his future with Janelle.
  • Leo tried to explain to Janelle why he couldn't go to the movies.
  • Leo was extremely happy when Janelle asked him to go to the movies with him.

Air Leo

  • Leo wanted to sign up against Trent, but Janelle didn't want to.
  • Janelle kept erasing Leo's name, until Leo told her to stop.
  • Leo tried to impress Janelle by playing basketball, but he failed.
  • Janelle told Leo even that he didn't win, his last shot was amazing.

Season 2


  • They were going to study together.
  • Janelle said she liked hanging out with Leo.
  • Leo accidently froze Janelle.

Prank You Very Much

  • Janelle and Leo were watching a movie together.
  • It was their anniversary of 150 days since Janelle first spoke to Leo.

Season 3

Mission: Mission Creek High

  • Leo and Janelle were talking in the hall.
  • Janelle said she liked Leo.
  • Leo asked Janelle out, and she said yes.
  • They were sitting next to each other at the basketball game.
  • Leo helped Janelle when she got hurt.
  • Leo and Janelle were very close after she got hurt.
  • Leo and Janelle were hanging out outside.
  • Leo saved Janelle from a falling bumper.
  • Leo put Janelle behind the mailbox.

Cyborg Shark Attack

  • Leo lies about his fear of sharks to impress Janelle.
  • Leo saves Janelle from the sharks and they hug two times after.

Armed and Dangerous

  • Leo was jealous when Janelle wanted to work with Adam on a science project.
  • Leo tried to show his bionics to Janelle but they were deactivated.
  • Janelle laughed at Leo.
  • Janelle mocked Leo and said she would super-speed to class.
  • Leo showed Janelle his bionics.
  • Leo set the gym on fire trying to impress Janelle.

Adam Steps Up

  • Leo tried to impress Janelle by battling Spin, but she got mad at Leo for hurting a little kid.
  • Janelle made Leo her servant along with Spin.
  • Leo said Janelle is mean sometimes.

Season 4

One of Us

  • Janelle missed Leo since he's always at the Davenport Bionic Academy, and threatened to break up with him if he didn't come back to visit her.
  • Leo misses training at the academy to hang out with Janelle.


Similarities and Differences



Threats to Janeleo

  • Leo has put her in danger many times with Davenport's inventions and his bionics.
  • Janelle says that Leo is bad luck.
  • Leo lives in the Davenport Bionic Academy while Janelle lives in Mission Creek. Leo had to visit her every now and then.  


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