Janice is a character on Lab Rats. She is Leo's aunt and Tasha's sister.


Janice lives in Mission Creek and may have helped raise Leo during the time Tasha was a single mom. She is an avid reader and excellent dancer.

She visited the Mission Creek High School dance in Leo's Jam with her book club so they could dance with Leo to help him impress Danielle. They were successful.

She also may have gotten Leo the dope jacket he wears in the episode.



Rose is Janice's mother. The two probably get along, although Rose likely disagrees with her daughter's fashion sense.

Tasha Davenport

Janice is tight with her sister Tasha. The two frequently talk on the phone. Both participate in book clubs, which may be the same club. (Lab Rats: On The Edge)

Leo Dooley

Leo is Janice's nephew. She helps him out in Leo's Jam.


Season 1


  • Janice's (and Rose's) last name may be Dooley. It's unknown whether Dooley is Tasha's maiden name or the surname of her previous husband (Leo's biological father).
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