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Jeremy Kent Jackson is an American actor. He portrays Douglas Davenport on Disney XD's Lab Rats.


Jeremy Kent Jackson is known for his work on Moving In (2004), Sugar & Spice (2001), Chemistry (2011) and Lab Rats (2013-Present). He also does Bones (TV Series) Seth Harrison, The Party in the Pants (2013), Seth Harrison, and 2011 Chemistry (TV Series). He has been active since 1999. He does his recurring role as Douglas in episodes:

1.      Mission: Space 

2.      Leo vs. Evil

3.       Bionic Showdown 

4.      Avalanche 

5.      No Going Back 

6.      Sink or Swim 

7.      Taken 

8.      Which Father Knows Best? 

9.      You Posted What?!? 

10.  Armed and Dangerous 

11.  Brother Battle 

12.  Face Off Rise of the Secret Soldiers 

13.  Bionic Houseparty 

14.  First Day of Bionic Academy 

15.  Adam Steps Up

16.  Unauthorized Mission 

17.  Under Siege 

18.  Bionic Dog.

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