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I am very powerful, and... very available.
— Kal Zar to Bree in Alien Gladiators

Kal Zar is a character from the episode Alien Gladiators. He's a costumed fan boy who's locked up in a security holding area with Adam, Bree, Chase and Caitlin. He thinks he has powers, also because he thought he moved the keys with his mind, while it was Chase who did that. He seems to have a crush on Bree. Alien Gladiators is his only appearance so far.

He is portrayed by Karan Brar.


  • He is similar to Don Quixote. Like Quixote, he is immersed in his imaginary world of Space Gladiators, and thinks Bree is Queen Andromeda, and believes the Zarkanians imprisoned him.  
  • It's possible that he suffers from schizophrenia, because he seems to be completely unable to destinguish the reality from the fantasy and seems to have illusions like when he tried to explode the grades and it seems that he saw it happening.