Weren't you the girl that tried to make me eat a basketball in gym class?

Kavan is a boy that goes to Mission Creek High School. His first and last appearance is Crush, Chop and Burn.

He is portrayed by Cody Christian.


Kavan is the student that got hit in the nose with a basketball, thrown by Bree, during gym class. Because of this, he had a swollen nose in the entire episode. He seems to be very kind and slightly oblivious, shown by the fact that despite receiving a serious injury, he still asked Bree to a party. He is very positive about life and is really happy every time Bree interacts with him.


Kavan may have romantic feelings for Bree, because he invited her to the party even though she hit him with a basketball. He and Bree never dated, as he never appeared in any other episodes.

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