Hit 'em in the right place, they always wake up.
— Kerry to the others in Under Siege

Kerry Perry is Terry Perry's fourteen-year-old niece who appeared in the episodes Adam Up and Under Siege.

She is portrayed by Grace Kaufman.


Kerry, like her aunt, is extremely manipulative and conniving. She blackmailed Bree and Chase so they would do what she wanted (do her homework, give her money, etc). She is very selfish, greedy, bratty, evil and violent.


  • Pressure Point Intuition: According to Kerry, "hit 'em in the right place, they always wake up." Kerry has knowledge of others' pressure points and nerve clusters, which is how she can immobilize others, or wake them up, like how she did to Leo in Under Siege.


  • Bree and Chase were her "babysitters" in Adam Up.
  • She pretends to be sweet around her aunt, but like everybody else, they can't stand her.
  • Perry enrolled her to Mission Creek High, however, she is never seen at school again after her debut.
  • She hates everyone, including her aunt, at Mission Creek High.
  • Perry doesn't know where Kerry lives.
  • Since Adam Up, she has not changed and still likes being mean to the others.
  • She beat up Leo in Under Siege, however, he was asleep.
  • Kerry was probably arrested, because Leo called the police, and said the police was waiting on the other side of the hydro-loop. (Under Siege)
  • Douglas doesn't seem to like Kerry as much as everyone else.
  • Leo didn't see Kerry in the same light as he does with her aunt, even laughing at Chase and Bree for controlling them. However, Leo started to dislike Kerry after being exposed to one of her tricks.
  • She stole Chase's wallet and watch, Adam's hat, Bree's necklace, Leo's shoes, and a big weapon that is presumably the same one Douglas used in Taken.
  • She has the same pajamas as her aunt Terry, shown in Under Siege.
  • After stealing from people at the Academy, she got her comeuppance when Leo handcuffed her to the Hydroloop seat and told her the police are waiting for her on the other side.
  • She trips people at skating rinks and sells ice bags to the injured.
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