Kevin Stone is the five-time champion of the Robot Throwdown in Robot Fight Club.

He is portrayed by Adam Dingerman.


Originally, when Leo entered the Robot Throwdown, Kevin Stone was his biggest rival (until later when Davenport joined). Chase joined Leo's team to help him beat Kevin. Although Kevin had been the five-time champion of the Robot Throwdown, he was beaten by their robot, "Josh." At the end of the episode, Kevin was furious and left.


Kevin is a ruthless competitor in the Robot Throwdown. However, he does not take well to losing as shown in Robot Fight Club. Leo described him as a "smug jerk" to Chase.


  • Before Leo and Chase beat him, he was the five-time champion of the Robot Throwdown.
  • His robot was called the "Merchant of Menace."
  • Leo said that Kevin thinks he is so much better than him.
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