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Announcer: The world's first bionic superhumans. They're stronger than us, faster, smarter... The next generation of the human race is...

Leo: ...living in my basement?!

— Intro for Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3

Announcer: The world's first bionic superhumans. They're stronger than us, faster, smarter... The next generation of the human race is...

Leo: ...living on a bionic island.

— Intro for Season 4

Lab Rats: Bionic Island, also known as Lab Rats is an American television sitcom that premiered on February 27, 2012 on Disney XD. It focuses on the life of teenager Leo Dooley, whose mother, Tasha, marries billionaire genius Donald Davenport. He meets Adam, Bree, and Chase (Davenport's latest projects), with whom he develops an immediate friendship.

The series was created by Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore. On January 15, 2011, Billy Unger, who plays Chase, stated that the series was originally called Billion Dollar Freshman. However, the pilot was re-shot, with the changing of the name to Lab Rats, and the addition of Bree who is the only girl of the group and Adam who is the oldest of the three.

On May 18, 2012, Lab Rats was renewed for a second season. On July 26, 2013, Disney XD renewed Lab Rats for a third season. In May 2014, Disney XD renewed Lab Rats for a fourth season, which makes it the second original series of Disney XD to go past three seasons, after Kickin' It. The fourth season premiered on March 18, 2015. On July 1, 2015, Kelli Berglund, who plays Bree, stated that the fourth season would be its last.


Young teenager Leo Dooley's mother, Tasha, gets remarried to billionaire inventor Donald Davenport, & they move in with him. While trying to find his bedroom, Leo accidentally discovers teenage siblings with bionic powers living in his new basement. Leo secretly takes them to school for the first time and the show follows the bionic teens as they unravel in adventurous situations in an attempt to live life like a normal family in the fictional town of Mission Creek, California. As the show progresses in Seasons 2, 3, and 4, it gets darker with the introduction of Davenport's younger brother Douglas (turned good in Season 3), Douglas' android son Marcus, Victor Krane, S-1, Sebastian (formerly known as S-3) and Krane's bionic soldiers.

By Season 4, Davenport opens a bionic academy on a bionic island to train Krane's bionic soldiers to be the world's new heroes.


Main Characters

Chase Davenport

Chase Davenport (Billy Unger) is the team leader and the youngest of the three. He has incredible intelligence and is able to access a vast database of information at any time. Chase can take control over his siblings with his override application in emergencies. He also has a magnetic app. His senses are extremely powerful, including extremely sensitive hearing and the ability to see through solid matter. He can also create force fields which can be used as a weapon by shrinking them into his hand before launching them. When growing too nervous or angry, he glitches to produce Spike, a second personality who is rude and destructive. Spike has super strength, is almost as strong as Adam, and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. A second glitch causes him to produce a sonic sneeze when his nose is irritated too much. One of his hidden powers is to manipulate energy around objects to freely move them, which he found out in Mission: Space. Another hidden ability is to levitate himself, which he revealed in Bionic Showdown. Because of the actor who plays him, Chase is also very skilled in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat.

In Brother Battle, Douglas gives Chase a new bionic ability: a bow staff that's also a laser, which he can create with his fist.

In Bionic Showdown, it is revealed that Marcus' dad, Douglas, is Chase's creator and not Donald.

In Zip It, Chase and Bree get a part-time job at Tech Store. In First Day of Bionic Academy, he becomes a mentor and trains Krane's soldiers to become heroes along with Adam and Bree. When Douglas created the Lab Rats, he was referred to as Subject C until Donald gave him a name.

He was known as Subject C because he was the third Lab Rat created.

Adam Davenport

Adam Davenport (Spencer Boldman) is the oldest and most powerful of the three with superhuman strength, which makes him one of the strongest men on the planet. Adam may not be the brightest of the trio, but he makes up for it with his great strength. He also has laser vision that can produce focused, yet intense, heat beams. When he gets too happy, he can glitch, causing him to create pulse grenades. His first hidden ability revealed is to generate a powerful force blast of electricity called a blast wave.

In Sink or Swim, it is revealed that Adam has the ability to breathe underwater.

In Brother Battle, Douglas gives Adam a new bionic ability which allows him to blow out through his mouth, causing an extremely strong blue wind to appear.

In Bionic Showdown, it is revealed that Marcus' dad, Douglas, is Adam's creator. He also has an obsessive love for food.

In First Day of Bionic Academy, he becomes a mentor and trains Krane's soldiers to become heroes along with Chase and Bree. When Douglas created the Lab Rats, he was referred to as Subject A until Donald gave him a name.

He was known as Subject A because he was the first Lab Rat created.

Bree Davenport

Bree Davenport (Kelli Berglund) can move at over 400 miles per hour, create a sonic cyclone by spinning fast, jump exceptionally high, and stick to walls and ceilings. Her speed also grants her equally great dexterity, letting her perform feats like typing with just as much speed. One of her hidden powers is to perfectly replicate any voice or sound she has heard at least once.

At the end of Brother Battle, it is revealed that Bree was given invisibility from Douglas. When she gets too nervous, her sound-mimicking power will cause her to randomly use any of them all at once. Bree is the only member in the group to ever question how Terry still has her job despite everything she's done.

In Bionic Showdown, it is revealed that Marcus's dad, Douglas, is Bree's creator.

In Zip It, Bree and Chase get a part-time job at Tech Store.

Bree destroys her chip in Three Minus Bree after getting frustrated that she couldn't go to a concert with Catlin. After finding out Adam and Chase almost died on a mission because she didn't have her abilities to help, she realized that she was being selfish and asked Donald to make a new bionic chip. Unfortunately, because Douglas was the only one who made their chips, he couldn't repair it, leaving Bree with no bionics. When Leo goes to Douglas for help in Which Father Knows Best?, he and Donald work together and repair her chip.

In First Day of Bionic Academy, she becomes a mentor to train Krane's soldiers to become heroes along with Adam and Chase. When Douglas created the Lab Rats, she was referred to as Subject B until Donald gave her a name.

She was known as Subject B because she was the second Lab Rat created.

Leo Dooley

Leo Dooley (Tyrel Jackson Williams) is the son of Tasha Davenport and stepson of Donald Davenport. He is considered a social outcast, considering his small amount of friends. In Adam Up, Adam reveals that Leo has a goldfish named Beyoncé. He accidentally discovers the lab and the Lab Rats after he and his mom move in with Donald. He finds them, as well as Donald's inventions, to be incredibly cool, so he quickly forms a sibling bond with them. Donald distrusts Leo due to the accidental destruction he causes.

In Missin' the Mission, Leo finally proves himself to Donald and becomes the Lab Rats' mission specialist. He's also the one who discovers Marcus' true intentions and battles him in Bionic Showdown in the exoskeleton.

In Prank You Very Much, it is revealed that his full name is Leo Francis Dooley.

In No Going Back, he and Donald are trapped in the lab's elevator after Douglas blows up the lab.

In Sink or Swim, Leo and Donald are freed from the elevator when Leo switches on the emergency switch.

In You Posted What?!?, Douglas gives Leo bionic powers after his right arm is badly injured during a fight against Krane and S-1 at Mission Creek High School. Leo's bionic right arm has super strength and can shoot laser orbs. Krane and S-1 discover this while they are fighting Douglas and Leo. Donald and the Lab Rats are shocked when they figure out he now has bionics when Leo knocks out Krane by blasting him during a fight. Tasha and Terry find out when Leo accidentally grips Perry's hand too hard during a handshake.

In Armed and Dangerous, Leo exposes his bionic arm to Janelle. Starting with this episode, Douglas begins to train Leo to use his bionic arm more responsibly.

In Merry Glitchmas, Leo accidentally exposes his bionics to his grandma, Rose Dooley.

In Rise of the Secret Soldiers, Leo accidentally exposes his bionic arm in front of an entire mob of angry protesters while trying to get them to leave their house. In this episode, Douglas unlocks a new bionic ability for Leo which allows him to use his arm to absorb energy from power sources. He also receives his own uniform.

In Bionic House Party, Leo transfers most of his energy to save Donald, which causes him to turn old and nearly die. The bionic soldiers save him by transferring their energy to him.

In First Day of Bionic Academy, he becomes a student at the bionic academy and not a mentor like he wanted. His starting level was beginner.

In Space Elevator, all the students moved up one level. Leo got to move up two levels and is now advanced. He later gets a bionic leg after stopping the crash-landing of Dr. Ryan's space elevator. As of Lab Rats: On The Edge he becomes a mentor.

Donald Davenport

Donald Davenport (Hal Sparks) is the billionaire inventor who is Leo's stepfather and the older brother of Douglas. He is the father figure and seemingly the creator to all of the Lab Rats, but it is later revealed that Douglas is the true creator of the Lab Rats. He usually seems self-centered, childish, and a bit selfish, but he does care about Leo and the Lab Rats. He can be strict at times, especially about the Lab Rats' training or missions. Besides his intelligence, Donald is very good at martial arts and taught the Lab Rats how to use hand-to-hand combat. He may have been the only one to believe Leo when he said Marcus was evil. In Bionic Showdown, after he and the Lab Rats are captured by Douglas, he confesses to them that Douglas was the one who created them. When he learned about Douglas's evil plan to turn them into dangerous bionic soldiers, he hid them in the lab to protect them. After the events in Bionic Showdown, the Lab Rats tell Donald that he is their true father whether or not Douglas was the one who made them.

In No Going Back, Donald goes broke because the now freed Douglas maxed out his credit cards, hacked everything in Davenport Industries, and withdrew all of Donald's money from the bank. He and Leo are trapped in the lab's elevator after Douglas blows up the lab.

In Sink or Swim, Donald and Leo are freed from the elevator when Leo switches on the emergency switch.

In The Jet-Wing, he does a death-defying stunt to raise money to make a new lab.

In Mission: Mission Creek High, he builds a new lab, re-installs Eddy, and becomes rich again when he makes a contract with the government to make a rocket system to protect the Earth from rogue asteroids.

In Rise of the Secret Soldiers, Donald gets seriously injured after battling Krane, resulting in him going to the hospital and having surgery, and it is unknown if he will survive his injuries. Leo later saves his life by transferring some of his energy into him. Donald is then injured again by Sebastian in Unauthorized Mission while testing out the new bionic academy mission simulator. It is revealed in Bionic Rebellion that his injuries are not that bad.

Note: The names of the Lab Rats imply that they were originally known as subjects A, B, and C. Adam was born first, then Bree, and finally Chase.

Recurring Characters

Tasha Davenport

Tasha Davenport (Angel Parker) is Leo's mom, Donald's wife, and a TV reporter. She also acts as a mother figure for the Lab Rats, but mostly Bree, because she is the only girl in the house.


Eddy (voiced by Will Forte) is the six-year-old smart home system created by Donald who controls the Lab Rats' house. Eddy hates Tasha and the Lab Rats, but he loves Donald and is frenemies with Leo. He believes Tasha is hideously unattractive.

In No Going Back, Douglas blew up the lab and it was later confirmed that Eddy had been destroyed much to Tasha's delight.

Eddy makes his return in Mission: Mission Creek High when Donald remade the lab and recreated him much to the dismay of the others.

In Three Minus Bree, Eddy once took over Tasha's body.

In Human Eddy, Eddy shows up in the Bionic Academy's systems where he states that he had been trying to get to Bionic Island for months and has trapped Tasha in the closet. Donald creates a synthetic body for Eddy (also portrayed by Will Forte) with an altered personality to help Principal Perry with her security job. With Eddy's new personality starting to annoy Perry, she uses one of Donald's passwords to restore Eddy's old personality. Afterwards, Eddy starts to get payback on Leo and Bree by trapping them in a wall. Then Eddy starts hanging with Donald as Leo and Bree arrive stating what he did only to find that Eddy had doctored the security footage. To get even with Eddy, Leo and Bree claim to Perry that Eddy might have her replaced with someone else. This causes Perry to make plans to keep Eddy from taking her job. Perry confronts Eddy and fight him when he calls her a gnome. Due to his body being synthetic, Eddy couldn't feel pain as Leo, Adam, Bree, and Chase learned that Perry reprogrammed him. Leo managed to use kick him just as Donald arrived upon being beard-dialed by Eddy. Donald then struggles with Eddy where he accidentally throws Donald into the wall. Perry destroys Eddy's synthetic body with a laser. Donald recreates Eddy and puts him back into the Bionic Academy's systems.

Terry Perry

Terry Perry (Maile Flanagan) was the principal of Mission Creek High School. It has not been revealed why, but she dislikes Leo the most and is frenemies with him. Her full name is Terry "Theresa" Cherry Perry, as shown when she and Leo "bond" in Chip Switch.

In My Little Brother, her mother is introduced and reveals that Terry is short for Theresa. Ever since the events of Mission Invisible, she has been suspicious of the Lab Rats' secret.

She finally discovers their bionics in No Going Back. Despite wanting to turn them in, she blackmails Donald to bribe her to keep her quiet. However, due to Douglas making him go broke, she leaves, but promises Donald and Tasha that it isn't over.

In Sink or Swim, she helps Donald, Tasha, and Leo by letting them stay at the school so she can get her money sooner.

In You Posted What?!?, it is revealed that she and Douglas had some form of relationship that Douglas doesn't want to talk about.

In Face Off, it is revealed that Perry has a twin sister who has been missing for 11 years.

In Unauthorized Mission, she manipulates Donald so he'll let her work as the chief of security at the bionic academy.

In Bionic Rebellion, Terry tries to warn Donald and the Lab Rats about Sebastian stealing the explosives, but no one believes her. After Sebastian, Tank, and Lexi are defeated, Terry has them locked up.

Douglas Davenport

Douglas Davenport (Jeremy Kent Jackson) is the Lab Rats and Marcus' creator, Leo's step-uncle, and Donald's younger brother. In his first appearance, Douglas is planning to capture the Lab Rats and ruin his brother.

It is revealed in Bionic Showdown that he created the Lab Rats.

Douglas returns in Avalanche, where he reveals he is just like Chase, under-appreciated by his own sibling. Although he tries to manipulate Chase into betraying Leo, Bree, Adam, and Donald, Chase double-crosses Douglas and freezes him, saying he would never betray his own family. Donald then has him sent to one of his facilities to be imprisoned.

He is freed by a mysterious masked man in No Going Back. After he is freed, he contacts Donald and tells him that he is the one who maxed out his credit cards, hacked everything in Davenport Industries, and drained all his money out of the bank, and tells him that he's going after the Lab Rats and blows up the lab with Donald and Leo trapped in the lab's elevator.

In Sink or Swim, Douglas impersonates Donald and captures the Lab Rats. It is revealed that Douglas is working with billionaire Victor Krane. Krane wants the Lab Rats destroyed, much to Douglas's shock.

In Taken, he saves the Lab Rats from Krane, but, still not trusting him, Donald kicks him out.

After Bree destroys her chip in Three Minus Bree and Donald's attempts at rebuilding her chip fail, Leo goes to Douglas for help in Which Father Knows Best?; with the help of Donald, Bree's chip is repaired. Still not trusting him, Donald again throws him out. Realizing that everyone deserves a second chance, Donald allows Douglas to stay with them for a while.

In You Posted What?!?, still living with the Davenports, it is revealed that he and Terry had some form of relationship that Douglas doesn't want to talk about. Douglas also gives Leo a bionic right arm after his real arm was badly injured by S-1.

Douglas starts training Leo to use his bionic arm more responsibly in Armed and Dangerous.

He gives Chase a new bionic ability in Brother Battle.

After Donald founded the bionic academy, Douglas became a part of the academy's R&D and is often put in charge whenever Donald is out.


Trent (Eddie Perino) is a school bully and the high school jock who has an ongoing feud with the Lab Rats. He has competed against them in football and basketball and somehow always seems to come out with the short end of the stick.

In Trent Gets Schooled, he graduates from Mission Creek High School thanks to Leo and Chase. However, much to their shock, Terry hires him as the gym teacher.


Caitlin (Michaela Carrozzo) is Bree's best friend.

In Robot Fight Club, it was revealed that she wears glasses and also had a crush on Adam. She later also develops a crush on Chase.

In Zip It, she gets a part-time job at Tech Town and makes Bree do all her work.

In Not So Smart Phone, she was fired from Tech Town after she had a breakdown and destroyed an ePhone 7.


Janelle (Madison Pettis) is Leo's girlfriend. She is very smart, but controlling.

Leo mentions in Can I Borrow the Helicopter? that she likes comics like him. In Air Leo, it is revealed that she likes basketball.

In Back From the Future, Future Leo reveals that in the future, he marries Janelle, but when Leo skips his date with her to go save the Lab Rats, Future Leo ends up living alone with a dog.

Janelle returns in Avalanche, where she is frozen along with Tasha.

In Prank You Very Much, Leo's grandma disapproves of Janelle.

In Mission: Mission Creek High, she believes Leo is bad luck because she always gets hurt when they're together.

In Scramble the Orbs, she no longer sees Leo as a jinx or bad luck, so she invites him to her play. However, Trent steals Leo's ticket and Leo and Trent ruin her play.


Owen (Ben Stillwell) is Bree's old boyfriend and an over-dramatic artist.

He first appears in Quarantined, where Bree sneaks out of the house to see his art show.

In Spike's Got Talent, he and Adam team up to create a statue of Terry out of butter to stand up to her, but Bree gets jealous and has Eddy melt the sculpture. To make it up to him, she and Adam make a sculpture of Terry out of popcorn. It is possible that Owen broke up with Bree upon finding out she was bionic.


Scott (Dustin Ingram) is the manager of Tech Town who likes Chase and hates Bree and Caitlin.

In Not So Smart Phone, he fires Caitlin after she broke a new ePhone 7.

He is a goofy and an obnoxious boss and likes technology which is shown in Scramble the Orbs when he gave a $500 Tech Town gift card to an application contest winner.

Special Agent Graham

Special Agent Graham (Ben Bodé) is a government official who leads some government soldiers into raiding the Davenport household after Krane and S-1 leaked the Lab Rats' activity on the Internet, as seen in You Posted What!?! After Krane and S-1 are arrested and a press conference is held to confirm the existence of bionic people, Graham now apparently owns the Lab Rats.

In Armed and Dangerous, Graham makes the Lab Rats bionic celebrities and stops them from training, causing them to miss a mission and people to get injured. Because of this, the Lab Rats decide to humiliate him in front of President Craig. After he accidentally drops President Craig down a hole, President Craig allows Donald to be in charge of the Lab Rats again. When Bree tells him that Graham doesn't care about their training or helping people and the only thing he cared about was making money off of them, he discharges Graham from his position and has the Secret Service arrest him. After Graham is taken away, President Craig promotes Donald and requests that he keeps him posted on the Lab Rats' heroic activities.

President Craig

President Craig (John Eric Bentley) is the fictional President of the United States. He becomes aware of the Lab Rats after their activity was leaked on the Internet. He approved the Davenport Bionic Academy after he saw the bionic soldiers save Leo.

A running gag is that President Craig thinks Leo is somewhat useless since he always laughs when Leo tries to show off and calls him funny.


Ethan (Garrett Backstrom) is Bree's previous boyfriend who finds Bree weird. He got help from his mom to ask Bree to a dance festival.

Rose Dooley

Rose Dooley (Telma Hopkins) is Leo's grandmother and Tasha's mother. She seems to protect and love Leo more than she did with Tasha. She dislikes Donald and Janelle. When Donald had injured her, he had to take care of her as a command from Tasha, but he makes her a mechanical wheelchair instead. Janelle was shown not to like her as well as she tried to get rid of her when she wanted time to spend with Leo.


Stephanie (Oana Gregory) is an over-assertive person who has total control over a group of girls. She is the leader of the Mission Creek High School cheerleader's squad. She had denied Bree into her squad and had taken advantage of Bree's house to increase her status.

Kerry Perry

Kerry Perry (Grace Kaufman) is Terry Perry's niece who acts nice in front of her, but is actually a bad girl. Bree and Chase have to babysit her, but she ends up blackmailing them. She once came to the bionic academy and started to steal property, but lied about it and told Perry she was sleepwalking. Leo sends her to jail when she leaves the academy as the police were waiting for her at the other side of the hydroloop.


Marcus Davenport

Marcus Davenport (Mateus Ward) is an android with all the Lab Rats' abilities and is Leo's arch-enemy. Marcus originally came off as unceasingly, friendly, and considerate, but it is all an act to lower suspicion on him and gain others' trust.

In Mission: Space, he installed a hidden spy camera in Donald's lab.

In Speed Trapped, he revealed to Leo that he is bionic, just like the Lab Rats. He threatens to reveal the Lab Rats' secret if Leo tells anyone the truth about Marcus.

In Leo vs. Evil, it is revealed that Marcus has an evil lair right under his house. It's also revealed that Marcus is working for his father.

In Bionic Showdown, it is revealed that he is an android with all of the Lab Rats' powers combined and augmented. He was created by Douglas to capture the Lab Rats. Douglas says that androids burn out too fast, so he experimented on humans, creating the Lab Rats. Marcus appears to have been crushed at the end of the episode.

In Bionic Action Hero, Giselle manages to track down Marcus' body, suggesting that he will return.

Victor Krane

Victor Krane (Graham Shiels) is a billionaire who is the recurring and true antagonist of the series. Krane sports his own bionics where he has super strength, expert fighting abilities, genius-level intellect, pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, super speed, molecularkinesis, energy absorption, geo-leaping, super jumping, enhanced durability, sonic screaming, and the Triton application. He works for and invested 80 million dollars in Douglas.

He was introduced in No Going Back, where he broke into the offshore facility containing the frozen Douglas, took out two security guards, and busted Douglas out with his own bionics.

In Sink or Swim, he later overthrows Douglas and forms his own plan after Douglas failed to control the Lab Rats through his Triton application. In Taken, he plans to take the Lab Rats because they are a threat to him by kidnapping Leo and Tasha and almost melting them.

In You Posted What?!?, it is shown that Krane has an entire army of bionic humans. The only one identified is S-1. Krane and S-1 are defeated by the Lab Rats and arrested by the government. They were seen trapped in an electric cage. From his cell, Krane awakens his other bionic experiments that are on the other side of the world.

In Rise of the Secret Soldiers, Krane and S-1 are freed by Krane's bionic soldiers. He plans to use the Triton application to control the world, which he demonstrates on the president. Krane is finally defeated when he was sent flying into the air by the Lab Rats when they combined all their powers together to disable the Triton application, which caused the remaining bionic soldiers to lose their memory and end up being trained at Davenport Bionic Academy.

In One of Us, it was discovered Krane installed a doomsday virus in the Triton App, which would cause the soldiers to self-destruct to prevent anyone else from controlling them in case he dies. It's also revealed by Douglas that Victor never fulfilled his promise to take him to the Florida Keys back when they collaborated. It's also mentioned Krane threatened to kill Douglas if he did another impression of him at a dinner party.


Sebastian (Cole Ewing), formerly known as S-3, was one of third bionic soldiers who worked for Krane. Sebastian's bionic abilities include super intelligence, super senses, use of laser pitchforks, geo-leaping, energy generation, energy transference, molecularkinesis, electrokinesis, pyrokinesis, and heat vision.

He first appeared in Rise of the Secret Soldiers, where he took on Chase and was defeated by him. Following Krane's defeat and the disabling of the Triton application, Sebastian was among the remaining bionic soldiers that are taken in by Donald and enlisted at Davenport Bionic Academy.

In First Day of Bionic Academy, he developed a rivalry with Chase and developed a crush on Bree. In Unauthorized Mission, he develops a friendship with Chase for some time. However, he later turns evil after Chase tells him about Krane being his creator and what happened to him.

In Bionic Rebellion, Sebastian begins his plans for revenge against Donald and the Lab Rats, with the help of fellow bionic soldiers Lexi and Tank while using the knowledge he learned from Chase to unlock some new abilities. After the Lab Rats trick Sebastian into overloading his bionic chip which was later removed, Sebastian is imprisoned by Terry Perry, alongside Lexi and Tank.


Tank (Joel Michael Kramer) is a student at Davenport Bionic Academy who helps Sebastian and Lexi try to take down the Lab Rats. He has super strength and geo-leaping. Tank is in the expert level along with Sebastian and Lexi. Tank is among the soldiers loyal to Sebastian's rebellion. He fights Adam in Bionic Rebellion as he is his mentor. He does not talk at all; instead, he speaks in grunting language along with Adam. After being defeated, Tank was imprisoned by Terry Perry, alongside Sebastian and Lexi.


Lexi (Marissa Cuevas) is a student at Davenport Bionic Academy who helps Sebastian and Tank try to take down the Lab Rats. She has super speed, geo-leaping, and molecular manipulation. She is in the expert level along with Sebastian and Tank and one of the best students at the academy. Lexi is among the soldiers loyal to Sebastian. She fights Bree in Bionic Rebellion as she is her mentor. After being defeated, Lexi was imprisoned by Terry Perry alongside Sebastian and Tank.


Otis (Jumpy the Dog) is a bionic dog found by Adam on the main land, but unknown to the Lab Rats, Krane had programed him to destroy Douglas. After a mission fail, Otis takes over Adam in order to finish the task, but Douglas takes out Otis' chip, defeating him. Douglas later found a family to take care of Otis.


Giselle (Jessalyn Wanlim) is a scientist and a film director who is a former colleague and girlfriend of Douglas. She is known for creating androids. As a big Hollywood filmmaker, Giselle made different zombie movies like Zombie Truck Stop.

Giselle first appeared in Bionic Action Hero, where she wanted to make a movie about the Lab Rats as a cover for Giselle and her creation Troy West to steal Chase's power chip in order to improve her android army with his intelligence. After Troy rebelled and was defeated, she managed to locate Marcus' body as part of her plans to improve her androids.

Troy West

Troy West (Leo Howard) is an android with bionics who was created by Douglas's ex-girlfriend Giselle to act as an action film star. He appears at the Academy with Giselle for a movie with the Lab Rats and Douglas. Instead of making the movie, Bree finds out that Giselle and Troy want to use Chase's power chip so that Giselle can give her android army his intelligence. Troy is ultimately defeated by Bree when she exposed him to water.

Bionic Soldiers

The bionic soldiers were created through the same method as the Lab Rats, but were done so by Krane to serve him. They were first activated in You Posted What!?! by Krane. In Rise of the Secret Soldiers, the bionic soldiers freed Krane and S-1 from their prison, and they planned to control the world using the Triton application. While most of them were defeated by the Lab Rats, the remaining 30 bionic soldiers were deactivated when the Triton application was disabled and were claimed by Donald. After convincing President Craig to let him take the remaining bionic soldiers under his wing, Donald established the Davenport Bionic Academy to train them to become bionic heroes. Some names were given by Donald while others chose names for themselves.


Bob (Brandon Salgado-Telis) is a bionic soldier. His bionic abilities include super strength and levitation.

Bob was first seen in First Day of Bionic Academy, where Adam once used him as a surfboard and is apparently mentored by him. Adam was also the one who named him Bob. Whenever Bob sees Bree, he tries to impress her or use pick-up lines.

In Bionic Rebellion, Bob and Spin help Leo escape from the other students. His starting level was beginner.

In Space Elevator, he almost fails the first semester, but Terry helps him become tough and he moves up one level group like everyone else and is now intermediate.

In Forbidden Hero, Bob becomes attracted to Caitlin and started hanging around her, causing Bree to get jealous. Bob then reveals that he wasn't attracted to Caitlin and was only using her to see if Bree liked her. He then becomes attracted to Tasha afterward.


Spin (Max Charles) is a young bionic child who took up the name Spin because he can spin very fast in a tornado-like matter. At Davenport Bionic Academy, Spin developed a rivalry with Leo.

In Unauthorized Mission, he and Leo become friends after Leo saved him and Bob from quicksand.

In Bionic Rebellion, Spin and Bob help Leo escape from the other students. His starting level was beginner.

In Space Elevator, all the students moved up one level and he is now intermediate.


Charlie (Chris Grabher) is a student at Davenport Bionic Academy. His mentor is probably Adam, because he threw Charlie around to see if he could fly. Charlie is strong enough to throw Adam very far. His starting level was intermediate.

In Space Elevator, all the students moved up one level and he is now advanced.

Donald III

Donald III is a student at Davenport Bionic Academy. His name was given to him by Donald. His mentor is Chase. Donald III tries to ask Chase questions, but Chase won't answer because it is not 1100 hours, which is when Chase answers questions, according to his "schedule." His starting level was beginner.

In Space Elevator, all the students moved up one level and he is now intermediate.


Kate (Liana Ramirez) is a student at Davenport Bionic Academy. She has the commando application like Chase. Douglas calls her Spikette. Her starting level was beginner.

In Space Elevator, all the students moved up one level and she is now intermediate.

In Spike vs. Spikette, Douglas removes her commando app and replaces it with the bionic ability of sonic screaming.

Thermo Hands

Thermo Hands (Ryan J. Kelly) is a student at the Davenport Bionic Academy. His hands can heat up things. In Spike vs. Spikette, Douglas checked to see what hidden abilities each student had. Thermo Hands was one of the soldiers in the line, and he heated up Douglas' hamburger. Adam high-fived him, burning his hand. In Space Elevator, all of the students moved up a level. His starting level was beginner, but he was moved up to intermediate.


Taylor (Ashley Argota), formerly known as S-1, is one of the first bionic soldiers to be made by Krane. She is bionic and fights beside Krane. She can set her body temperature to adapt to her surroundings and possesses super speed, super strength, molecularkinesis, energy generation, and enhanced martial arts abilities. S-1 also appears to like Chase, much to Bree's shock and disgust. During Krane and S-1's fight with the Lab Rats, S-1 took on Bree in a speed-fighting match and lost after Krane was subdued. Both of them were arrested by the government and placed in an electric cage.

In Rise of the Secret Soldiers, S-1 and Krane are freed by Krane's bionic soldiers as they plan to use the Triton application to control the world. S-1 took on Leo in a battle and was sent flying far from the junkyard by him.

She seems to have taken Marcus' place as Leo's arch-enemy until One of Us, where she and Leo made a fresh start after a bionic virus left by Krane was stopped.

Other Characters

Ms. Thistle

Ms. Thistle (Elizabeth Margaret Beatrice) is an old teacher that covers for Terry in The Haunting of Mission Creek High, where she electrocutes Terry for scaring everyone and herself 20 years prior.


Spike (Billy Unger) is Chase's commando personality who's characterized as jerky, mean, and robust.


In 2012, Lab Rats became the most watched show on Disney XD. IMDb rated the series 6.5/10, making it the among the highest rated Disney XD series.


The cast with their scripts

The series originally premiered February 27, 2012 on Disney XD and March 2, 2012 on Disney Channel. However, it first aired February 24, 2012 on Disney XD Canada. It aired as a preview March 29, 2012 and premiered April 19, 2012 on Disney XD UK and Ireland. It premiered June 10, 2012 on Disney XD South Africa and first aired Disney Channel Australia and New Zealand December 31, 2012 and officially premiered January 10, 2013. It premiered March 11, 2013 on Disney XD Malaysia and in the rest of Southeast Asia, it premiered August 5, 2012 on Disney Channel Asia and March 16, 2013 on Disney XD.

Sequel Series

It was announced on September 3, 2015, that the series will have a crossover spin-off series with another Disney XD show, Mighty Med. Only Billy Unger and Kelli Berglund will return as main characters for the new series. Hal Sparks and Jeremy Kent Jackson will be in the recurring cast. It is currently unknown if Tyrel Jackson Williams and Spencer Boldman will make special guest star appearances. It will air in 2016.


Lab Rats: Every Family Has Its Glitches.