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Laser Bo is a hidden ability which allows its user to generate a solid light laser-like weapon that resembles a lightsaber, the a strike from it being able to blast an opponent as resilient as Adam into the air at great speed and stun them, though it possibly require a harder hit to do this, as weaker strikes barely stuns an opponent.

There is more than one user with different styles of weapon generations, such as its bo staff and Bident variants. The user can hold and maneuver the weapon as it is were solid, and can throw it in the air and catch it again.


It can be deactivated when being knocked onto the ground or stunned. This was noticed when Chase was fighting Sebastian (S-3) in a Laser Bo fight. In addition, beings with Energy Transference, such as The Incapacitator, can cause the Laser Bo to backfire on the user. Despite being an energy weapon, it cannot cut through solid objects, as Grey Granite's staff can parry it.  In EF, Bree stated Chase's Laser-bo can slice someone in half.


  • Chase Davenport: Chase's version of this ability is a blue Laser Bo with the strength to knock Adam across the lab.
  • Sebastian: The difference to Chase's version is minimum. The only difference is that it is red, and shaped like a bident.
  • Possibly some bionic soldiers, with Sebastian being a bionic soldier controlled by the Triton App, the rest of the Soldiers may have the same abilities.



Season 3

Season 4


  • They are similar to the Star Wars light sabers, for example, the Jedi get the blue version, such as Chase, and the dark-side users get the red version, such as Sebastian.
  • In Season 4's opening, Chase's Laser Bo is erroneously colored purple instead of blue.