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Clever beats strong any day.
Chase to Adam then later used by Leo to Marcus

"Leo vs. Evil" is the 10th episode in Season 2 of Lab Rats. It first aired on June 24, 2013. This is the 30th episode overall.


Leo is trapped by Marcus at school, but escapes and follows Marcus to his house. He gets photographic evidence that not only proves that Marcus is evil, but that he also wants to capture the Lab Rats. Unfortunately, he is captured by Marcus' robot. Leo escapes by out-thinking Marcus with a move Chase used to beat Adam at arm wrestling (which is being clever). When Leo tries to bust Marcus, his phone is destroyed by the broken teleporter. Marcus' house appears normal except for a camera that Donald suspiciously notices, but doesn't mention. Marcus' dad reveals himself and says that Marcus has failed him and he will take care of Donald and the Lab Rats. Meanwhile, the Lab Rats try out a teleporter, but accidentally teleport Tasha to an unknown place and must fix the teleporter (one of Davenport's inventions) to bring her back.


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  • This is Leo's first mission alone.
  • This is the first episode that Marcus' dad was revealed, although he was mentioned early. It also reveals he is the mysterious figure Marcus is working for.
    • It is also revealed that Davenport might suspect something.
  • Some of the Shadowy Figure's plans are shown, but not revealed.
  • This is Douglas's first appearance in the series.
  • It is revealed there are cameras in Marcus's lab.
  • The reason why Marcus and his dad want to capture Adam, Bree, and Chase is revealed in Bionic Showdown.
  • Marcus Davenport would have been exposed if it wasn't for Davenport's teleporter.
  • This is the first and only appearance of Donald's teleporter.
  • The silver chairs in Douglas' lair look exactly like the ones that Mr. Davenport has in his new lab in Season 3.
  • This is the third episode with Leo's name in the title. The first being Leo's Jam and the second time being Air Leo.

Cultural References

  • A reference to the 1987 film RoboCop is made because Marcus' home security robot looks and behaves like a version of the ED-209.


  • In Mission Invisible, security cameras recorded the Lab Rats' bionics on tape. However, when Marcus uses his bionics, there is no sign of it being recorded or revealed.
    • Although, given Marcus's cunning, he could've covered his tracks and made sure his presence was never noted.  


Okay, I want a clean match. No whining, screaming, crying, or tap-outs. I'm looking at you, Chase.
— Leo to Chase
Oh, we believe you Leo! And we also believe as your family, we will get you the help you so desperately need.
— Bree to Leo
Ew, she's hideously deformed! Look away! Look away!
— Eddy when Tasha walks in
Shake your booty!
— Eddy
Adam: Oh, come on. I wanna be the clever one around here for once.

Bree: Yeah, and I wanna convertible made out of diamonds, but that's not gonna happen either.

— Adam and Bree
Tasha: Thankfully, Adam was smart enough to call me on my cell phone and tell me you guys accidentally teleplanted me.

Donald: (correcting her delicately) Well, it's... it's... it's "teleported."

Tasha: Tele-someone who cares!

— Tasha and Donald
Dad, it is gonna be so epic when I capture Adam, Bree and Chase. Fine. When WE capture them. Just like when WE forgot my birthday. Oh, I'm sorry. Are YOU angry, or are WE angry?
— Marcus to his dad on the phone


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