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You're up, teach. Catch me if you can.
— Lexi to Bree in Bionic Rebellion
You're not going anywhere!
— Lexi to Bree in Bionic Rebellion

Lexi is a character who appeared in Bionic Rebellion. She's a student at the Davenport Bionic Academy and she helps Sebastian and Tank to take down The Team. She is in the Expert Level along with Sebastian and Tank, and is one of the best students at the academy. She and Tank are loyal to Sebastian. She fights Bree in Bionic Rebellion, as she is her mentor.

She is portrayed by Marissa Cuevas.


After the incident in Bionic Rebellion, her abilities have been removed due to the chip removal. All of her bionics on this page are former.

  • Super Speed: Just like Bree, she is very fast and can keep up with her. In Bionic Rebellion, it is shown she's actually faster than Bree, as Lexi was able to make it to the exit door and perform her Molecular Manipulation ability on it before Bree made it to the door; even though Bree took off before Lexi did.
  • Geo-Leaping: Like most of the soldiers, she can geo-leap at will.
  • Molecular Manipulation: Lexi can manipulate molecules in an object to reshape/make the said object into something else on physical contact. She used this when she turned an exit door into an indestructible object known as Carbonex or turned a metal object (i.e. chair) into ice and melted it. She said she hid this ability.


Season 4


Season 4


  • It's implied Lexi and Tank were part of Krane's inner circle with Sebastian and Taylor.
  • She can run faster than Bree.  
  • She is the second female villain of the series. The first being her sister Taylor, and the third being Giselle Vickers.