Liana Ramirez is an American actress who portrayed Kate/Spikette in the episode Spike vs. Spikette.


Entertainer Liana Ramirez is originally from Austin, Texas and she knew early on that she had a passion for performing. After booking a role in a play with Neil Patrick Harris, she and her family moved to Los Angeles to seriously pursue her career.

Liana is a natural, and has enhanced her performance skills by studying with some of the best acting coaches the industry has to offer. Liana's skill goes beyond her dramatic and comedic abilities as she is an extremely talented dancer and choreographer.

Liana has already appeared on two Disney shows. She just booked a major Guest Star role on Lab Rats and she was in the top 15 out of 90,000 contestants on Disney Channel's Make Your Mark Dance Contest.

She also loves dogs.

However, she would be most remembered for her role as [Roxy]/[Roxy (avatar)] on Power Rangers Beast Morphers, on Nickelodeon (as it had since Disney sold the licence in 2010).


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