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You will never defeat me.
— Marcus's last words to Leo in The Vanishing

Marcus Davenport (c. 1997-c. 2015) is a major antagonist on Lab Rats, serving as the main antagonist of Season 1 and the central antagonist of Season 2 and its series finale "The Vanishing".

He is a bionic android, the brother of Adam Davenport, Bree Davenport, Chase Davenport, and Daniel Davenport, the son of Douglas Davenport, the nephew of Donald Davenport and Tasha Davenport, the step-cousin of Leo Dooley and an ally of Giselle Vickers. Marcus first appeared as a student at Mission Creek High, where he befriended Adam, Bree, and Chase. However, despite him being their friend, he was not fond of Leo, as the latter kept getting in the way of his true goal. Marcus was then revealed to be a bionic android, created by Douglas Davenport after Donald booted his brother out of Davenport Industries. Marcus decided to help his father get his revenge against Davenport, in which later on, the three bionic teenagers would soon be heartbroken at the revelation that Marcus was a bionic spy.

Marcus was then later revealed to be an android, in which he was incapable (at the time) to turn sixteen years old and would eventually burn out. After Adam used his blast wave ability to stop the bionic android from killing Leo, Marcus tried to stop the Lab Rats one last time before being crushed by the rubble when Douglas' lab was being destroyed. After being crushed, Marcus' android hand tried getting out of the rubble before eventually sparking out, killing him for the first time. However, a while later, Giselle Vickers, after she attempted to destroy the Lab Rats failed, found Marcus underneath the rubble and planned on bringing him back to get her revenge on them. As soon as the Bionic Team (as well as Donald and Douglas) entered Giselle's robotics lab, Giselle used a trick on them to make Marcus look like Daniel.

Marcus then proceeded to torture Daniel right in front of Donald and Douglas, as he stated that his only mission was to destroy every last member of their precious family. Daniel, however, was able to use his replication ability and shattered Marcus into a ton of android parts. Marcus' parts were then taken back to The Lab, where Douglas wanted to build him and reprogram him to be good, much to the dismay of the rest of the family when they told him no. Leo then proceeded to throw the android parts on the floor of the lab, before Marcus rebuilt himself and revealed his true android form, before finally being killed off permanently by his father when he was blasted and turned into molten metal. He is portrayed by Mateus Ward.


He was first seen in Concert in a Can. He acts like a friend, an excellent guitar player, and after seeing Chase play his guitar, he suggests that he, Chase, and Adam form a "gnarly" band. Leo is originally suspicious of him and Marcus smashes his guitar to frame Leo. Leo eventually proves himself innocent, but before he can tell the others, Marcus confesses and makes up a few fake excuses. After pretending to apologize to Leo, he instead threatens him that if Leo rats him out again, "he'll be toast."

In Mission: Space, he asks the Lab Rats to have a sleepover, while Adam, Bree, and Chase go on a mission in space, Donald then tells Leo to keep Marcus company, while he tries to see if the Lab Rats are doing good on the mission. Marcus eventually wanders into the lab. Donald and Leo then see Marcus in one of the capsules. He then gets told to go home, so he does. But right before that, he puts a camera in the lab, to spy on the Lab Rats, and shows it on a tablet to his father/creator, Douglas.

At the end of Speed Trapped, it is revealed that he is bionic and threatens Leo not to tell anyone or the whole world will know about Adam, Bree, and Chase and their bionic secret. Leo couldn't even risk their secret, even if it got Marcus.

In Leo vs Evil, Marcus' lair is found by Leo, who secretly followed him with his phone. It seems to be a normal house but has a hidden lair in the basement. Leo is then captured by Marcus and forced to fight a robot. Once the robot has Leo dangling, Marcus makes a deal with Leo and is outsmarted by him. In the end, Marcus' dad is revealed and is out to get Adam, Bree, and Chase. Worse, he is their real evil father/creator and Marcus is their evil bionic brother. Marcus was sent to spy on the Lab Rats and forced Leo to never convince them about him or they will be taken away again and maybe worse: become evil forever. It is revealed that his father wanted to use Adam, Bree, and Chase to turn them into evil cyber soldiers for rent. It's also revealed that despite having all of their abilities (including their hidden ones), Douglas cannot use Marcus because he is an android, who more than likely burned out before his 16th birthday.

When Leo finally reaches the garage, Douglas ordered Marcus to finish off Leo. Marcus greeted Leo and Leo got some weapons, but Marcus made them disappear. Now that Leo was helpless, Marcus raised his green hand and blasted Leo into bushes, but unharmed with help of his mission suit. After the Lab Rats finally managed to get out of the cage, Douglas and Marcus decided to take them down once and for all. During the fight, Leo crashed by, suited in the Exoskeleton, and aimed at Marcus. After defeating the Lab Rats twice and being about to kill Leo in a robot suit, Adam unleashed his hidden ability (energy blast) on Marcus and stunned him. Right after that blow, as the lair was falling apart, Douglas escaped. Marcus once again was about to kill Lab Rats, when the ceiling was going to crush on him. Chase yelled, "Marcus, look out!", but then it was too late as Marcus was crushed by the falling debris therefore presumably killing him. After the Lab Rats left and the rumbling stopped, Marcus's android hand emerged from the rocks but small sparks flew out and his hand stopped moving.

Adam has shown to have taken Leo's warnings about Marcus to heart. As in Perry 2.0, he suspected the new kid Alistair was another bionic spy-like Marcus.

In Taken, when Douglas was trying to convince Leo that he's trying to protect Adam, Bree, and Chase from Krane, he tells him he should believe him because he was smart enough to know about him and Marcus before anyone else did.

In Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med, Marcus was indirectly mentioned by Adam when he wondered if The Incapacitator was an android.

In Bionic Action Hero, Douglas expressed his desire to have a movie about Marcus. However, Marcus' body was found by Douglas' former partner, Giselle, meaning he will return.

In The Vanishing, Marcus has been rebuilt by Giselle and seeks revenge against his dad and the Lab Rats. He is taken out by Daniel and finally taken down by Douglas. Douglas used his power gun to melt Marcus, therefore The Vanishing was the last appearance of Marcus.


Marcus may seem kind, harmless, polite, calm, and friendly, but his act of innocence doesn't fool Leo. He reveals himself to be a truly dark character, a monstrously sadistic, ruthless, manipulative, and arrogant liar and sociopath, who will not let Leo interfere with his plans, and will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. Despite this, he can create a believable façade of being a friend. He only reveals his true personality to Leo, as no one believes him. Leo seems to be the only one that can see his true self, this is most likely due to the fact Leo disliked and suspected him since Concert in a Can before he found out he was evil and bionic because of his dad. Marcus has an initially complicated turned deeply bitter relationship with his "father", who is Donald's evil brother, Douglas Davenport, as they tend to fight about who did what. After Giselle brought him back to life, he remembered everything that happened before his destruction due to his photographic memory as part of his superintelligence. Realizing that his father left him for dead, Marcus became more sadistic and vengeful and wanted to make him suffer. He also became more narcissistic than he was before and boasted to Leo that he is all-powerful and that he will never be defeated by anyone, much less him. Ironically, he ended up seemingly finished off by Douglas almost immediately after saying that.

Powers and Abilities

Android Physiology/All of the Lab Rat's Abilities: Marcus is an Android who was built to possess Adam, Bree, and Chase's abilities and their hidden ones. This was confirmed in Bionic Action Hero.

  • Laser Vision: In the episode Speed Trapped, it is revealed that Marcus has green laser vision much like Adam's except his vaporizes or, if used on anything with circuitry, fries its targets. It can dismantle objects, easily breaking them apart, as it did with a toaster. Adam's laser vision simply burns or melts its target. Marcus's vision proves to be incredibly powerful, one single pulse was enough to destroy his giant robot, causing it to spark up as its circuitry fried.
  • Molecularkinesis: In the episode Leo vs. Evil, it is revealed that Marcus has the same ability as Chase, though it is unknown if it is any more advanced than Chase's.
  • Plasma Grenades: In Bionic Showdown, he detonated plasma grenades on his hand and its energy blasted over Adam, Bree, and Chase causing them to collapse.
  • Blast Wave: A green gaseous energy used on Donald Davenport in Bionic Showdown. It seemed only powerful enough to render its victims unconscious for hours.
  • Super Intelligence: Marcus has super intelligence because in Leo vs. Evil he said that he made the upgraded weapons on the remote-controlled home security robot. It is what allows him to have a photographic memory.
  • Electrokinesis: Marcus can harness green static-like electricity in his palm and use it as a weapon. It is presumably powerful enough to kill a person (he once used it on Leo, though the latter survived with one of Donald Davenport's protective vests). Before his death, in Bionic Showdown he made an electric ball to fight the Lab Rats.
  • Super Strength: Marcus easily overpowered Adam and was able to lift and throw him with ease.
  • SuperSpeed: Marcus is even faster than Bree, being able to dodge her high-speed attacks with ease.
  • Semi-Invisible Deflective Force-Field/Semi-Force Field Generation: Marcus was shown capable of making a big green half-circle force-field that is large enough to reach from his head to his toe and block the laser that Donald fired at him. At first, it may seem invisible but when the laser hit it the force-field showed. Unlike Chase's force-field, which is a dome, Marcus is shown to be like an invisible shield, where the back is invisible.
  • Invulnerability: Marcus easily shrugged off all of Adam, Bree, and Chase's attacks and is shown to be able to take immense amounts of damage. Being an android, he cannot feel pain like a human can.
  • Saw Fingers: In "Bionic Showdown," he tries to kill Leo with spinning saws that come out of his hand.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot: He has a mole on the back of his head that is a Wi-fi Hotspot.
  • Super Hearing: In the episode Concert in a Can, he and Chase were the only ones to cover their ears when Bree was playing guitar.
  • Levitation: In The Vanishing, Marcus floats in the air the Lab Rats.
  • Two Simultaneous Abilities: In The Vanishing, Marcus uses his levitation and his plasma grenades at the same time.
  • Shape-Shifting: Marcus presented this ability when he lured the Dooley-Davenports into Giselle's lair by taking the form of Daniel.
  • Regeneration: In The Vanishing Marcus reassembles himself after Leo throws his parts on The Lab floor.
  • Laser Sphere Generation: It is shown in The Vanishing that Marcus can generate a laser sphere when he is about to kill/take out Douglas and Donald and when he is about to blast Leo with his laser sphere.
  • Martial Arts: Marcus can easily hold his own against Adam, Bree, and Chase in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Psychological Manipulation Skills: Ever since his first appearance, he lied and fooled the Lab Rats into believing he was an innocent troubled boy, revealing only to Leo that he is a sinister bionic villain.


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  • Marcus' appearance has set up some of the major events in the series.
  • In Bionic Showdown, they also explained that bionic chips weren't designed for the human nervous system, thus the Lab Rats glitch. Being an android, he may be immune to glitches, though he may not be immune to the negative effects of overusing bionic abilities or using more than one ability at the same time as he stopped using his powers at some points during combat and resorted to martial arts as bionic humans do. It is unknown if he would be affected by L.E.M.P. or other things that could potentially disable or damage technology, such as the L.E.M.P.
  • Marcus' last words were "You are not...going anywhere!" But now that Marcus will return, those won't be his last words for long. (Bionic Showdown)
  • His true final words were "You. Will Never. Defeat Me."
  • Since he did not have all of his abilities unlocked at once, it would appear that this would have destroyed him as normal bionic humans are.
  • Marcus was a Bionic Spy/Double Agent for Douglas. (Leo vs. Evil) (Bionic Showdown).
  • It's implied Marcus was the one who planted the explosives offscreen that blew up the Lab in No Going Back, as Marcus had been in the Lab twice.
    • Douglas, when he was evil, could've possibly told Marcus to do so.
  • Marcus has all the powers of the Lab Rats, including their hidden abilities.
  • According to Douglas, he thought he was getting a car for his 16th birthday. (Bionic Showdown)
  • Marcus is the first ally of the Lab Rats to betray them. The second is Sebastian.
  • Since he was 15 when he died, he was possibly built-in in 1996.
  • According to Leo, Marcus' star sign is a Sagittarius, like Bree. (Mission: Space)
  • Even though Marcus was an android, he didn't set off Leo's metal detector, implying he was designed to fool metal detectors or that he is made of a polymer that can be used like metal.
  • The bionic siblings still had feelings for Marcus even after he betrayed them.
  • Marcus was supposedly killed by Adam when Adam's Blast Wave destroyed Douglas and Marcus' house and crushed Marcus.
    • Giselle found his body in Bionic Action Hero and vowed to rebuild him. He returns in The Vanishing.
    • It is likely that when Giselle will re-design Marcus, she may add an upgrade that she gave her advanced androids, as she will do this test that Douglas didn't do for Marcus, as only letting him live for 16 years, the year that all human teenagers go through. However, it is unknown if it will be seen, or just not at all, but her intentions for Marcus prove this will be official.
  • It's unknown if Marcus ever met Victor Krane.
  • Marcus' role as Leo's archenemy seemed to have been taken by Taylor in Season 3. Since Taylor turned good and became friends with Leo in One of Us, Marcus will likely retake this role since his return has been confirmed.
  • Douglas still considers Marcus his greatest creation.
  • Leo was the only one who never liked Marcus. (Concert in a Can
  • Troy West cannot go near the water because he is an old model android, but Marcus can because he was seen drinking water in Concert in a Can.
  • Marcus has made an appearance in every season except Season 3. He was mentioned, however.
  • Douglas might have tried to make Marcus as lifelike as possible. For example, Marcus can eat food such as pizza and ice cream.
  • Marcus can eat and drink food without having sparks flying over him and ruining him.
    • Marcus was seen drinking water at the cafeteria at Mission Creek High.
    • Marcus said: "There goes Pizza Night!" which must mean he likes pizza.
  • Marcus is the first major antagonist in the series. (Concert in a Can)
  • His favorite food is pizza.
  • Hia favorite color is black. (The Vanishing)
  • He and Sebastian have two similarities: they both betrayed Adam, Bree, and Chase, and they also have all of the Lab Rats bionics.
  • It's not known if he has any of Daniel's abilities. However, given Daniel's age, Marcus was created before Daniel.
  • It seems Douglas has taken the spot as Marcus's arch-enemy, though Marcus still hates Leo.
    • However, it is possible Marcus hates Douglas for abandoning him and hates him as much as he hates the Lab Rats.
  • Before The Vanishing, Marcus was unaware of his brother Daniel's existence.
  • Marcus is resurrected in The Vanishing, making him the only villain in the series to be killed and brought back to life.
    • Although, Krane had a very similar experience. He was nearly killed but survived with the help of Dr. Gao.
    • He was also the second character to die and be brought back to life. First was Eddy in Missin' the Mission and No Going Back.
  • Marcus hates cats (The Vanishing).
  • Marcus met his end at the hands of his father.
  • Marcus states in The Vanishing that he is superior to humans because he can regenerate himself.
  • Douglas Davenport turned his eyebrow into a bracelet.
  • Marcus' robot regenerated form resembles the Marvel villain, Ultron. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ultron states that he is superior to humans, which is very similar to what Marcus said before he was destroyed by Douglas.
  • Marcus had gotten taller, and his voice had gotten deeper in The Vanishing due to the actor's puberty.
  • Marcus was shown in Bionic Showdown to be stronger than Adam Davenport, Bree Davenport, and Chase Davenport all combined, yet it is unknown if he is still stronger than them given the fact they received bionic upgrades in Lab Rats: Elite Force and/or The Vanishing.
  • There is an android named Markus in the video game Detroit: Become Human. This Markus also has a rival who is a human named Leo.


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