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What's the matter, Leo? Never seen an android regenerate before?
— Marcus to Leo in The Vanishing

Mareo (Mar/cus and L/eo) is the pairing of Marcus Davenport and Leo Dooley. They are shown to be arch enemies.


Season 1

Concert in a Can

  • Leo didn't trust Marcus.
  • Leo wanted to be in the band to continue to be with Marcus.
  • Marcus framed Leo for breaking his guitar.
  • Marcus told Leo he was in his way.                                                                       

Mission: Space

  • They were reading magazines.
  • Marcus said he wants to find clever ways to ruin Leo's life.

Season 2

Speed Trapped

  • Marcus trapped Leo in Mr. Davenport's self driving car.
  • Marcus tried to kill Leo.
  • Leo continues to not trust Marcus.
  • Marcus is upset when his plan to kill Leo fails.
  • Marcus reveals his bionics to Leo, when he shoots his heat vision close to him.    
  • Marcus told Leo that shot was a warning shot, but the next one won't be.    
  • Marcus threatens to expose Adam, Bree and Chase to the public if Leo tells anyone about him.    

Leo vs. Evil

  • Marcus trapped Leo in the school.
  • Marcus told told Leo to keep his mouth shut, or next time he won't miss (when he threw the trash can at him).
  • Leo followed Marcus to his house.
  • Marcus tried to kill Leo.
  • Leo wanted to prove that Marcus was bionic and trying to capture Adam, Bree and Chase.                                 

Bionic Showdown

  • Leo shot lasers at Marcus with the Exoskeleton
  • Marcus trying to kill Leo is what led to his death. 

Season 4

The Vanishing

  • Leo looked the most surprised that Marcus was resurrected.
  • Marcus was somewhat surprise when Leo said he is bionic.
  • Leo said he wanted to destroy Marcus, twice.
  • Marcus explains how he regenerates to Leo.
  • Marcus and Leo were going to finish each other off for the last time, but they were interrupted by Douglas.