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We are bionic teenagers who go on top secret missions. I'm pretty sure we can sneak past an out of shape middle-aged man.
Bree to The Team about Donald

Memory Wipe” is the 16th episode in Season 2 of Lab Rats. It first aired on August 19, 2013. This is the 36th episode overall.


After Leo, Adam, Bree and Chase are caught and are grounded for three weeks by Davenport for coming home past curfew, they use Davenport's award-winning memory erasing device to erase Davenport's short-term memory to make him forget that he grounded them. After coming home with a poor report card, Leo then uses Davenport's memory erasing device to wipe Davenport's short-term memory but inadvertently erases 24 years, causing him to act like a teenager. Meanwhile, Tasha interviewed "baby" Donald, live and worldwide.


After Leo, Adam, Bree, and Chase stay up two hours past curfew, Davenport grounds all of them for three weeks and tells them that it is not easy to raise teenagers, much to Leo, Adam, Bree and Chase's dismay. The next day, he announces that he won an award for his invention, the Neural Scrambler, which can be used to erase memory. Tasha is going to interview Donald on winning the award and an agent from the White House is also going to give Donald an award during the interview. While being in solitary, Chase plans to use the device to erase 24 hours of Donald's memory so that he could forget that he grounded Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo so they can get out of the house. The next day, Leo shows Donald the bad report card and Donald becomes upset at Leo as Donald threatens to show the report card to Tasha. However, Leo tells him that he has $15.42 that says he can't do it, but Donald said that he and Tasha agreed to start cracking down on his school work yesterday. Leo then selfishly uses Davenport's award-winning memory erasing device to wipe Davenport's memory for another 24 hours but inadvertently erases 24 years, giving him the mind of a teenager (15 years old) and making him forget the family, much to Leo, Adam, Bree and Chase's horror. Leo, Adam, Bree and Chase realize that they need to fix the Neural Scrambler and turn Donald back to normal. Right before the interview, Chase changes the Neural Scrambler and tests it out, but erased more of Donald's memory, making him go back to 4 and a half years old and Chase realized that he messed things up. Donald was about to ruin the interview and the agent was about to withdraw


the award, but Adam used his heat rays to destroy the camera, delaying the interview process and enraging Tasha. Eventually, Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo all went down to the lab and Chase reversed the Neural Scrambler, making Donald regain all of his memory and return to normal. When he realized what they did after finding out that Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo were using the Neural Scrambler and Leo confesses to Donald that they used his Neural Scrambler and telling him that he was right about being difficult to raise teenagers, he angrily grounds all of them forever, much to their dismay. In the end, Donald got his medal back and Tasha was about to scold Donald for ruining the interview but Donald erased her memory with the Neural Scrambler, making her think that the interview hasn't started yet.

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  • This is the first (and only) appearance of the Neural Scrambler in Lab Rats.
    • The Neural Scrambler does make an additional appearance in the Elite Force episode The List.
  • The Neural Scrambler is used by the whole main cast:
    • Chase, Adam, Bree and Leo all use it to erase Donald's memory.
    • Donald uses the Scrambler on Tasha.
  • The Neural Scrambler is very similar to the Neuralyzer from the Men in Black franchise.
  • This is the second appearance if the Invisibility Cloak. The first being Mission Invisible.
    • It is also its last appearance.
  • Mr. President is briefly mentioned.
  • From this episode onwards up until Mission: Mission Creek High, the intro at the very end is now updated to include the upgraded mission suits.


  • When Donald loses 24 years of memory, he becomes 15, which would make him 39 years old, but when additional memory loss makes Donald 4 years old, Chase says he has lost 33 years of memory, which would make him 37 years old.


Yes, who wants to be with the most powerful man in the world, when I can be... here?
— White House Rep to Tasha
Chase: Sneaking in after curfew, this'll totally boost my bad boy credit! Tippy toes, people. Tippy toes.

Bree: (Sarcastically) Spoken like a true bad boy

— Chase and Bree
Donald: Guys! Guys! I did it! I did it! I finally did it!

Leo: Graduated to big boy shoes?

— Donald and Leo
Man! I TOTALLY Leo'd this up!
— Chase using Leo's name as a verb
Donald: Am I in a spaceship? Are those space bathrooms?

Adam: Sometimes.

— Adam and Donald about the capsules
Tasha: Well, it was very nice meeting you.

White House Rep: Yes. And... I met you, too.

— Tasha and the White House Rep



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