The Mentor Quarters, also known as the Living Quarters, is a location on Lab Rats: Bionic Island. It is located above the main academy. It is where Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo live and sleep. The quarters include capsules, couches, a fireplace, a swimming pool and a view of the sea. This set has appeared in every episode of Season 4 except for Space Colony and The Vanishing.

Theoretically, the quarters are accessed by a hallway next to the hydroloop in the commons area. Since the quarters are above the main academy, there is most likely a staircase or an elevator that leads to the hallway.


  • Capsules for Adam, Bree and Chase and "Arm Capsule" for Leo
  • Couch (also used as Leo's bed)
  • Chairs and Coffee Table
  • Sink and Stove
  • Breeoutside

    Bree on the outside deck, next to the pool.

  • Big Window
  • Fireplace
  • Hallway
  • Swimming Pool
  • Outside Deck





The hallway before entering the living quarters.

  • Davenport wanted to live there, but Adam, Bree, Chase and Leo didn't allow him.
  • It is located a floor above the Davenport Bionic Academy.
  • Leo sleeps on the couch.
  • Leo was assigned to live in the Capsule Dormitory, but threw a fit because he didn't want to sleep with the other students.
  • Adam, Bree and Chase like the quarters much more than the lab, as Bree said, "we went from a dingy basement to paradise".
  • Donald has his own living space separate from the mentor quarters.

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