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"Merry Glitchmas" is the 20th episode in Season 3 of Lab Rats. It first aired on December 1, 2014. This is the 66th episode overall.


When Adam, Bree and Chase discover that their new action figures are being outsold by another toy (The Nerble), they attempt to improve their toys by adding special features - bionic abilities. After adding them they decide that the toys are too dangerous for kids and put them in a box to be destroyed. Tasha is running a toy drive at the school and is collecting gifts. She finds the action figures and hands them out. When Adam, Bree and Chase find out, they rush to school and try to catch the action figures. After destroying the toy drive, they find a way to make it up to Tasha and the kids. Leo and Donald have a snow ball fight in the house and Grandma Rose shows up, just as Leo uses his bionic arm. Rose gets mad and calls Donald a bad father. Donald tries to makes it up to Rose by giving her an action figure, made from a Bree figure, but it explodes.


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  • This is the second and final Lab Rats Christmas special. The first being Twas The Mission Before Christmas.
  • It is revealed that action figures glitch when they have bionics.
  • This is the last episode that Mission Creek High School appears in.
  • The Chase action figure possesses an unused bionic, flight.
  • Everyone in this episode is either wearing green or red which are Christmas colors to represent Christmas.
  • This is the second episode when someone's hair gets burned, with the first episode being You Posted What?!?.
  • The snowball blasters were painted Arctic force blasters, By Wham-O.


  • Adam states that Chase can't fly. Ironically, he can Levitate as of Bionic Showdown, which is a form of flying.
  • It was stated in Bionic Showdown that the bionics aren't meant to interface with the human nervous system, explaining why Marcus, an android, cannot glitch. However the toys glitch, even though they lack a human nervous system, let alone biological life.
    • The glitch is actually because the motors of the toys get overcharged by the power source installed.
  • Leo said "It's a good thing we live in a place where it hasn't snowed in 60 years" he was referring to California but it snowed in Burbank in February 2011.
  • Rose says she and Leo will be shopping on Black Friday, but Black Friday happens after Thanksgiving, not during the Christmas season.
  • If you look very well, you will see that when Bree shows Adam and Chase what Tasha posted, you will see an "L" and a hidden "G", which comes from the LG Mobile Company.


Rose: Wait a minute: are you standing up to your grandmother?
Leo: Yes, I am. If... you're okay with that.
Rose: Well, I guess you have become a man. Look, I still don't approve with you havin' a bionic arm, but, I love you so I'm just gonna have to learn to accept it. And we will be going shopping on black Friday. Give me a hug.
Leo: Thanks, grandma. But I think the person you should really be hugging is him.
Donald: Bring it in, Rose.
Rose: Well, it is Christmas. Just tell me one thing Leo: why did you need a bionic arm anyway?
Donald: It's a funny story: a ceiling beam fell on him while a bionic mad man was trying to kill him for the third time.
Rose: Gimme that gun. You about to eat a whole lot of snowballs.
Rose, Leo, and Donald


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Merry Glitchmas
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