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Bree: Alright, that's the last few. Everybody's safe, including one very ungrateful grizzly.

(bear growls)

Bree: Oh, shut it!

Chase: The Fire Department can handle things from here. Great work, guys.


Adam: Ah, life is so much better now we don't have to keep our missions a secret.

Leo: I know. Now people can tell us how great we are right to our faces.

All: (chanting) Adam, Bree, and Chase! Adam, Bree, and Chase! Adam, Bree and Chase.

Leo: Are you kidding me? I've been going on mission for over a month. How can these people not know my name?

Adam: Well, maybe you should change it to something people won't forget, like, uh, Gregorio Spiridakis, or Pickles O'Malley.

Leo: Uh, can I have your attention, please? I'd like to point out that Adam, Bree, and Chase weren't the only heroes. I personally saved six people.

All: (chanting) Adam, Bree, and Chase, and... that guy. Adam, Bree, and Chase, and that guy! Adam, Bree, Chase, and that guy!

(chanting continues)

Leo: Alright, the six I saved, back in the fire.

(Theme Song) Douglas: Donny put me in charge.

Chase: No, Bree, don't! It's about to go over!

Bree: My suit is stuck! (struggling to get free) Help!

Leo: Nooo! Breee!

(helicopter goes over)

(Leo lifts Bree up onto building

Leo: (on ad; in Spanish) Hola! Me llamo Leo Dooley! (Translation: Hello! My name is Leo Dooley!)

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