The Mission Suits in the Season 4 promo picture

The Mission Suits are what the Lab Rats' wear when they go on missions for protection. In Rats on a Train, before their first mission, they get their first upgrade with their suits by Davenport. Their second upgrade was in Bionic Showdown, and was given to them by Leo. Leo got his own mission suit in Rise of the Secret Soldiers


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  • The can withstand temperatures below zero degrees.
  • The suits are skin tight.
  • They have holsters for weapons, but Adam used it as a snack compartment.
  • They have seat warmers.
  • They can resist heat and enemy fires.
  • Bree stated that she finally doesn't look apart of a french circus when she got her new mission suit.
  • Bree's new suit comes with heels.
  • Adam stated that the suits come in men's and women's sizes.
    • They do not come in junior miss size, as this was a joke at Chase's expense.
  • In Season 3, the suits appear darker than Season 2.
  • They withstand anything, enemy fires, scorching heat and mustard stains.
  • In Season 2, Chase's suit on TV has the logo on his chest, but in the promo photos the logos are on his arms.
  • Chase's suit was worn by Donald and got torn up (Either it was repaired or replaced).
  • Leo's Mission Suit has a red arm (to represent his bionic arm) and a hoodie.


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