Disney XD's Lab Rats Wiki

The Missions are the tasks that the bionic superhumans have to accomplish.

Season 1

High Speed Train (Rats on a Train)

The High Speed Train mission.

Particle Collider (Back From the Future)

Solar Flare (Dude, Where's My Lab?)

Space Rescue (Mission: Space)

Season 2

Self Driving Car Rescue (Speed Trapped)

Communication Satellite (Missin' the Mission)

Gas Leak (Missin' the Mission)

The Gas Leak mission.

  • Mission: Stop a toxic chemical plant from exploding and sending toxic gas into the atmosphere.
  • Performed by: Leo Dooley, Donald Davenport, Eddy (body)

Chemical Waste Warehouse (Quarantined)

  • Mission: Get evidence that criminals are trying to put chemical waste into the ocean.
  • This was a failed mission, but the crooks' alarms tipped off the police.
  • Performed by: Adam Davenport, Chase Davenport, Bree Davenport (partially)

Unnamed Mission (The Rats Strike Back)

Oil Spill (Bionic Showdown)

Marcus Investigation (Leo vs. Evil)

  • Mission: Investigate Marcus' house and prove he is evil.
  • This was a failed mission, as Leo's phone broke.
  • Performed by: Leo Dooley

Donald Davenport Rescue Mission (Bionic Showdown)

Tropical Island (Avalanche!)

Cytanium (Avalanche!)

  • Mission: Get Cytanium from the Arctic for Donald's newest invention.
  • Performed by: Chase Davenport

Facility X Rescue (Twas the Mission Before Christmas)

Bree and Chase on the Facility X Rescue mission.

Season 3

Submarine Rescue (Sink or Swim)

Mission Creek High Rocket (Mission: Mission Creek High)

Chemical Plant Rescue (Three Minus Bree)

Gas Pipe Leak (a.k.a. Krane's Set-up Mission) (You Posted What?!?)

Unnamed Mission (Armed and Dangerous)

Power Surge (Rise of the Secret Soldiers)

Bionic War (Rise of the Secret Soldiers)

The gang on the Bionic War mission.

Dam Rescue (Unauthorized Mission)

  • Mission: Rescue hikers who got stuck in a flash flood.
  • This was a completed mission before Spin and Bob arrived.
  • Performed by: Spin and Bob

Season 4

Unnamed Mission (Left Behind)

Take Out the Academy Rebel (Under Siege)

Forest Fire Rescue (Mission Mania)

Helicopter Rescue (Mission Mania)

Cheap Missions performed by Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo (Mission Mania)

  • Cat Rescue (only performed by Adam, Chase, and Leo)
  • Lady who ran out of gas
  • Man who doesn't know which side dish to order
  • Adam who can't find his shoe

Worthless Missions solved by Spin and Bob via Phone (Mission Mania)

  • Plane Cancel
  • Hamster Rescue From Sheepdog

Industrial Grinder (Forbidden Hero)

Chase Rescue (Bionic Action Hero)

Bridge Rescue (Lab Rats: On The Edge)

Robotics Laboratory Raid (The Vanishing)