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Marcus uses the ability

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Chase pauses Bree as she uses her super speed, freezing her in place and making her unable to move

Molecularkinesis or Telekinesis is a bionic ability that allows users to have limited control of physical forces and move objects and people of a certain number, size, speed and weight with their mind, usually with the user either waving, lifting, stretching out, or reaching out their arms or hands or putting either one or two fingers to their head's temple. It works by manipulating the molecules of the target, as well as energy and around it, making it go in any direction at varying speed and with varying amounts of force.    

The users ability can telekinetically fling several small and light objects through the air with a swipe of their hand, as Chase did in Mission: Space. An object as large and as heavy as a person cannot be moved as fast or with such force, but can be knocked down and disoriented. Also, the ability allows the user to apply great amounts of force on targets, enough to stun bionic humans simply by moving them fast with the ability.   

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Chase using his Molecularkinesis in Sink or Swim

It also disorients if it is used to lift people, sometimes more than one at a time, into the air. It would seem this power, like other bionic abilities, cannot be constantly or repeatedly used at one time, or it can be damaging or straining to the user, which is why sometimes, bionics do not use their powers, even when they fight, as they can be more debilitating than helpful. Also, the speed and size of certain targets make them completely immune to this ability, such as a ballistic missile that Chase could not stop with his ability. Molecularkinesis can be used to completely restrain someone with ease, pausing the targeted person's movements, even if the person is moving at super-speed. Krane restrained Adam Bree and Chase with this ability, lifted them into the air, disorienting them with his telekinetic grip, and then dropped them hard on the floor, he also blocked Adam from attacking him and threw him away. Krane could also use this ability to block bionic energy in midair, like when he stopped Adam's flame vision in midair and threw it back at him.   

It can also be used for evil purposes, to choke someone without touching them, applying enough pressure to the body, more specifically to the neck to hold them up and hoist them on their feet or on the ground, stunning them, as shown in Taken and if he used it long enough and/or if his grip was strong enough, he could kill someone.


Marcus uses his Molecularkinesis in Leo vs. Evil




Chase using the ability to move Adam and Bree

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Marcus uses his Molecularkinesis to throw a trash can at Leo in Leo vs. Evil


Marcus using his Molecularkinesis

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