There's no way we can thank them for all that they have done.
— Mr. President about The Team in Lab Rats: On The Edge

Please note this is the not the actual president of the United States.

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Mr. President controlled under the Triton App.

Mr. President is the fictional president of the Lab Rats series. He is very found out Adam, Bree, Chase, Donald, and Leo. In Rise of the Secret Soldiers, he tried helping the team after the world turned against them. His first name, or possibly his last name, is revealed to be Craig.

He is portrayed by John Eric Bentley.


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  • He was once controlled by Victor Krane's Triton App.
    • However, in One of Us, it is unknown if he died and got brought back to life like the Bionic Soldiers. Though, it's possible the virus only affects people with a bionic infrastructure.
      • He makes an appearance in Human Eddy, showing he is well living.
  • He takes selfies.
  • He claims to have a daughter.
  • He thinks Donald is more useful than Douglas.
    • He says Douglas is just the help.
  • He thinks Leo is somewhat useless since he always laughs when Leo tries to show off. He also called him funny.
    • He does however acknowledged Leo bravery and heroic deeds in Lab Rats: On The Edge, and awards him a medal for his heroism.
  • He is the first non-bionic shown to be controlled by the Triton App. The second was Tasha Davenport and the colonists, and the third was Donald Davenport.
  • He is best friends with the Vice-President, but he got into an argument with him. (Rise of the Secret Soldiers)
    • He calls it drama.


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