It wasn't funny twenty years ago, and it's not funny now.
— Thistle

Ms. Thistle is a resident of Mission Creek and is the oldest teacher at Mission Creek High School.

She is portrayed by Elizabeth Margaret Beatrice.
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The Haunting of Mission Creek High


She does not have many lines, and mostly makes cameo appearances or is merely mentioned in another character's line. She is often used as a comic relief, and many jokes are poked at her age.

In Smart and Smarter, she was granted the honor of announcing who won the Student of the Semester because she was the oldest teacher. She has made cameo appearances in Mission Invisible, Bro Down, and Spike's Got Talent. In her last appearance, The Haunting of Mission Creek High, she covers for Principal Perry as Principal. At the end of the episode, she comes out and electrocutes Principal Perry for scaring the students the same way that she claims to have been twenty years prior.


Season 1

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Season 2


  • She is the oldest teacher at Mission Creek High.
  • Her nickname is "Thistle."
  • She has minor memory loss and thinks it's still sometime in the 1900s. However, she is still self-aware, as she got upset at Principal Perry for scaring her and the students.
  • She teaches history.
  • She's about 90 years old.
  • She drones on in her classes a lot.
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