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The NASA Rep is a character who only appeared in The Rats Strike Back. He came to the Davenport Household to watch the gravity presentation. After watching the presentation, he didn't seem to be pleased with it and left the house looking angry.

He is portrayed by William Charlton.


The NASA Rep is the person who was going to watch the gravity belt presentation. He came to the household, where Tasha opened the door for him. Donald greeted him, (Donald revealed that his name was Jerry). He witnesses Leo turn the on switch on the gravity belt, when he was trying to give it to Adam. Leo starts flying uncontrollably, and the NASA Rep watches.

Donald talks to him, saying that it works pretty well, although the NASA Rep doesn't seem to buy it. Donald also tells him all the colors the gravity belt comes in.

After Leo turns the gravity belt off, Donald told him that was the conclusion of the presentation. The NASA Rep pats Donald on the shoulder, and walks out of the house, seeming a little angry and disappointed. Donald tries to stop him, telling him to wait, and asking if he would want to do that on another planet, but he doesn't listen. Finally, Donald tells him that he buys a bunch of junk that doesn't work, and closes the door.