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I wanna like you, but you make it SO hard.
Bree to Chase


Not So Smart Phone” is the 6th episode in Season 3 of Lab Rats. It first aired on March 24, 2014. This is the 52nd episode overall.


Chase and Adam record themselves doing bionic stunts but then have to scramble to find the phone they used before their secret is exposed. Meanwhile, Leo and Bree scheme to help Perry spend her fortune.


Chase and Bree get their first paychecks from Tech Town as well as an ePhone 7, which Leo uses to record Chase and Adam playing bionic bowling. The next day at school, all students at Mission Creek see the ways that Principal Perry using her 'hush money' extravagantly, for example spending it on a Jacuzzi installed on one of the benches at school. Adam teases Chase, and wants to throw Chase in there, and tells Chase to take out his phone. At that moment he realizes that he doesn't have his phone and guesses that he must have left it at the store when he was doing his shift. The two brothers then race back to Tech Town. Alongside this, now that Principal Perry has enough money and is very rich, she decides to retire, making Leo the happiest student in the whole school. But to his dismay, the replacement principal (Trent) is worst then Perry. Trent forces both Leo and Bree to wear ridiculous uniforms and Leo must perform a one-man play of "Annie". The two despise Trent and hatch a plan to get Principal Perry to stay. The plan is to get her to spend all her money, so they have a chance to bribe her into staying. As Principal Perry is spending all her money, she isn't happy and realizes that what makes her truly happy is poorly treating others, especially high schoolers. Principal Perry changes her mind and chooses to stay.


Back to Adam and Chase, they are at Tech Town, searching everywhere for Chase's phone that has the bionic bowling in it. They ask customers and search in vain but still nothing. Donald then comes to the store, where Chase is on the brink of just spilling out that they will be revealed. But in the nick of time, Adam and Chase see that Chase's phone is the displayed phone and try to get it. Caitlin gets it in the end and shatters the phone in rage, and is fired from Tech Town.



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  • Chase and Bree are still working at Tech Town and are wearing their uniforms.
  • This is the first time Trent is seen in Season 3.
  • It is revealed that Leo doesn't photograph well.
  • Caitlin gets fired from Tech Towplacethis episode for breaking the last ePhone.
  • This episode takes place exactly 1 year after Speed Trapped, because Donald wants to get Tasha an ePhone 7 for their anniversary, and in Speed Trapped, it was their anniversary.
  • Leo possibly turns 16 between this episode and the next.
  • This episode shows a 1-week time-gap. When Perry announced her retirement, she said she'll no longer be principal in a week. When Bree and Leo plan on keeping her as principal, Bree said they only have a few hours before Perry's official resignation.
  • This is the second time the Lab Rats' bionics have been recorded, the first time being Mission Invisible. In You Posted What?!?, they're recorded for the third time, permanently exposing the Lab Rats' bionic secret.
  • The bionic secret could have been revealed.
  • ePhone is a parody of iPhone.
  • The 'ePhone 7' is actually an LG E400.

Cultural References

  • When Perry says she's an “Uptown Girl”, she's referencing Billy Joel's 1983 song of that name


  • When Chase and Adam were looking for Chase's phone, he could have easily used his Fingerprint Recognition App to track down his phone in the pile rather than searching for it normally.


Chase: Someone must have packed my phone with the others. We have to find it!

Adam: Whoa. "We?" I just came to watch you freak out.

— Chase and Adam
Chase: Mr. Davenport, what are you doing here? We're not allowed visitors at work.

Donald: I'm not a visitor. I'm a celebrity... and this celebrity needs a favor. Tomorrow is my anniversary, and all Tasha wants is that stupid ePhone - even though I could make something better outta junk from the trash. So, if I get her one early, it will make her feel special - so just go grab me a phone so I don't have to stay in line all night with these losers.

Chase: No way. I could lose my job. You have to go wait in that line.

Donald: (laughs) ...Seriously?

Chase: Now!

— Chase and Donald
If I cared about shaping our youth, I'd still be teaching swim lessons down at the swamp. Hey, a kid sees a gator comin', he'll swim!
— Principal Perry
Caitlin, remember what I said: Think before you speak and then don't speak
Scott to Caitlin


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