Oliver is a character that appears in the episode, Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med. He is one of the main characters in the Disney XD series, Mighty Med. He will also be a main character in the series, Lab Rats: Elite Force.

He is portrayed by Jake Short.



Oliver is a comic book fan who works at the superhero hospital, Mighty Med.

Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med

Using a wormhole transporter, he and Kaz ended up at the Davenport Bionic Academy, and posed as students. He, along with everyone else, tries to find and stop The Incapacitator.


  • He and Kaz faked an ability called Brain Attacking, where you can attack someone's brain with your brain. He and Kaz also pretended their name was Frank.
  • Bree Davenport used to have a crush on him, until she realized that he reminds her of Chase.
  • He probably still has a crush on Bree, as he gave her a flirty wink before she left.


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