Otis is a dog who appeared in Bionic Dog. He is the first pet in the cast of Lab Rats. Otis had bionic powers. Otis was Douglas's long lost dog, until he one day showed up on the island. Sometime after the events of Taken, Victor Krane tampered with Otis's bionic chip to destroy Douglas, and would do so even after Krane's supposed death. Chase is allergic to him.

He is portrayed by Jumpy the Dog.

Powers and Abilities

After the incident in Bionic Dog, his abilities have been removed due to the chip removal. All of his bionics on this page are former. He may get them back in the future.

  • Heat Vision: This is an ability that Chase found when he scanned Otis' chip.
  • Super Strength: This is shown when Otis attacks Chase and when Chase scans him.
  • Override App: Krane added Otis' override app, which can be used on any bionic person in the vicinity. Otis used the app on Adam, as he was the closest at the time.
  • Viewing Screen: Otis uses this when he views his mission to eliminate Douglas. Chase also has this ability.


  • Douglas gave Otis bionics since he was injured and saved his life.
  • Otis is the world's first bionic dog.
  • He peed on Leo's phone Shelly/Liam.
  • Otis was given the intelligence to perform actions normal dogs are usually not capable of doing, such as play instruments, play chess or card games. Otis also had the capability for complex planning.
  • Otis seems to be able to handle bionics well, as he hasn't shown any glitches, and he was without a capsule for years.
  • Krane gave him the mission to eliminate Douglas after the latter turned on him.
    • Otis obeys Krane without the use of the Triton App.
  • Douglas removes his bionic chip at the end of Bionic Dog.
    • That means him, along with Sebastian, Lexi and Tank have had their bionic chips extracted. Coincidentally, they were all servants of Victor Krane.  
    • He was adopted by a family named the Kranes (which has no relationship to Victor Krane).
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