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The app in Simulation Manipulation

The Override App is a bionic ability used to take over a bionic human's infrastructure. Chase was given the Override App by Douglas Davenport, which will allow him to take over his siblings' bionics in emergencies. It works similar to the Triton App, in that the person who has the app can connect with any bionic soldier, and have control over that being. The user has the ability to make the subject follow the user's body movements, shut down the person's bionics, or give commands by thought, as Otis did to Adam. Unlike the Triton App however, the effect is limited in that the victim is still conscious and aware of their actions, but have no control over their physical body. Basically, the victim feels like an unwilling puppet. If the user attempts control over too many bionic people at once, it will cause them to mirror the user's physical movements instead of doing what the user thinks. While the Override App is capable of disabling the Triton App, it cannot override a person victim to another override app, meaning there can only one active controller at a time. The Override App's signal cannot go through tin foil.  

It's revealed that Chase's Override App comes with the ability to activate a link that Douglas created in the Lab Rats' chips. By linking with his siblings, a massive force results from the energy flowing between Chase and his siblings. However, the link is dangerous, because it was never tested.

At some point after Victor Krane betrayed Douglas, he tampered with the bionics of Douglas's pet dog Otis, and gave him an Override App as part of his directive to take out Douglas.

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  • Chronologically, Chase is the first person to have the Override App, the second being Otis.
  • Both times while Adam was controlled by the Override App, he did not care to stop what he was told to do.
  • The Override App works on all bionic humans, even on humans the user has never met before. This is likely because the bionic chips of the Lab Rats and Bionic Soldiers were made with the same technology (from Douglas).
  • Adam was given the Override App in "Simulation Manipulation".
    • It is unknown whether Adam will be able to keep his Override App ability.
  • The app has appeared in every season except Season 2.
  • It's unknown if the Override App works on Leo, as he is partially bionic.