I'm gonna go sketch my feelings!
— Owen in Spike's Got Talent

Owen is a student who goes to Mission Creek High School. He is Bree's former crush, and Adam's friend. He is also artistic.

He is portrayed by Ben Stillwell.


In the episode Quarantined, Owen participated in an art show and made a big painting of Bree, but she accidentally crashed into it and destroyed it.

In Spike's Got Talent, Owen and Adam build a sculpture of Terry Perry to protest against talent shows because he doesn't like talent shows.

He has study sessions with Bree, as shown in The Haunting of Mission Creek High. Owen does not like talent shows, and is shown to love art.


  • It was stated that Bree is no longer dating Owen.
  • He likes art.
  • Owen often 'sketches his feelings' when he's mad, sad, disappointed or any other negative feelings.
  • In Quarantined, Adam, said that Owen has bad art, however, in Spike's Got Talent, he seemed to like his art.
  • His art has been destroyed twice. (In Quarantined, Bree accidentally fell through his art and ripped it, and in Spike's Got Talent, Spike ran through his popcorn sculpture.


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