Both universes will reset to the instant you left, none of this will have ever happened. Except, I'm gonna start believing in myself.

"Parallel Universe" is the 8th episode in Season 2 of Lab Rats. It first aired on June 17, 2013. This is the 28th episode overall. It features the only appearances of Chase Henderson, Adam Henderson, Bree Henderson, Tasha Dooley (Parallel Universe), Donald Davenport (Parallel Universe), Leo Dooley (Parallel Universe), and Gordon (Parallel Universe)


During a movie, one of Donald's inventions accidentally sucks Leo into a parallel universe, where the Lab Rats are powerless and Leo's the one with bionics and everything is backward. Principal Perry is nice, Adam is a nerd, Chase is a jock, and Bree is popular. The Lab Rats don't know Leo; when he exposes his bionics to them, which freaks them out, they tell the FBI. He and Donald have to get him back to his universe before Leo ends up in government lockdown.


In the lab, Donald presents his new invention, the proton fuser. As Donald activates it, nothing happened and Leo told Donald, "Big build up, teeny tiny payoff." Tasha then appears and informs everyone that the popcorn is popping and the movie is uploaded, it's movie night! As everyone exits the lab, Tasha stops Leo and told him that he can't watch the movie until he finishes his chores, such as cleaning his bedroom and washing the dishes. Leo tells his mom that he's looking forward for the movie all week. Tasha replied with sarcasm and told him that she's been looking forward on cleaning the dishes all week. Leo then ends the conversation by telling her that wishing to clean the dishes is sad. As they both exit, the proton fuser activates and a portal open. As everyone eats popcorn and laughs at the movie, Leo notices how good the movie is and tries peeking while cleaning the dishes. Tasha noticed this and yells his name, reminding him that washing the dishes is his first priority instead of the movie. Leo got startled and drops a plate. Tasha then stood up and scolds Leo. Leo replied that Tasha hates looking at dirty dishes and the dish he broke is one less to look at. Tasha had it and grounded Leo for 2 weeks. Leo calls it unfair as he walks away into the lab. As he do this, he told everyone that he had seen this movie and warned them to not get attached to the dog. As Leo walks out of the elevator, the portal caught his eyes. As he watches the portal expand, he said that this isn't going to end well and ends calling for help. Leo then got sucked into the portal leading to an alternate universe.

Leo then awakens in the lab and admitted to himself that he didn't know what happened and needs to go to a bathroom. Leo exits out of the elevator and noticed that furniture turned white. Tasha then comes in a suit, talking in the phone. Tasha asked why the caller doesn't like her design. She then said it doesn't matter because she's firing him. As Leo watch Tasha fires someone, he didn't notice the vase in front of him and ends up breaking it. He apologize to Tasha. Much to his surprise, Tasha told him to break whatever he wants because she can afford a thousand of those. Leo asked if she can. Tasha replied that she can and told him that it's one of the many perks of being a billionaire. Tasha then adds that one of the perks is teasing millionaires. Leo asks Tasha where everybody is and told Tasha that they were watching a movie. He then asked when did they move into an Italian furniture showroom. Tasha replied that she doesn't have anytime for his nonsense and said that Tasha Technologies isn't going to run itself. Before she opened the front door, she asked Leo to toss her, her keys. Leo then picked her keys up and tossed it to her. Expecting Tasha to catch it, the key penetrated the front door instead. Much to his surprise, Leo asked Tasha what he just did. Tasha said that throw was a good one and that he took out the Goldberg's mailbox. Tasha then tells her son to remember to not use his bionics at school. Leo asked himself, "What bionics?", and then a spark of lightning generated from his hands and destroyed a chandelier. Donald then comes out telling him that he heard a crash and asked him if he's okay. Leo told him that he just shot out lightning out of his finger and then added that he is now afraid to pick his nose. Donald tells him that it is one of his upgraded bionic abilities and explains how it works. Donald then added that he voted for sneezing thunder instead of electrokinesis, but Tasha shut him down. Leo can't believe that he has bionics, but later believed it. He then asked what else he has. He asked if he has super speed, super strength, or super smarts. Donald told him that he knows he has all this abilities. Leo asked him if he can fly and attempted to, but fails. Donald said to him that he can't fly, however, he said that his mom, Tasha, is currently working on it. Leo asked what he is talking about and told him that he is the brilliant scientist. Donald laughed and disagreed with him. He told Leo that he is just Tasha's lab assistant. He then added that he should go back to the lab and revealed that Tasha does not allow Donald to go upstairs without her. Leo asked him if he's an inventor. Donald replied that he is, but not officially. Donald added that most of his inventions either doesn't work or bursts into flames. He then added that his eyebrows are borrowed from his back. Leo gave him a disgusted face. He added that he just finished a prototype on a proton fuser. After hearing that, Leo told him that the proton fuser must be the reason why he is in the parallel universe. Not believing, Donald told him that he watches too much comic books. Donald told Leo to go to school and asks him to keep this a secret. Leo promised that he won't use his bionics at school. Donald then tells him that he means he must not tell his mother about him being upstairs or she'll take away his bathroom breaks.

The latter arrived at school and is caught by Principal Perry who is acting nice with homemade cookies rather than being mean to students and making their lives miserable. Leo said to her that she never calls him by his first name and added that according to legends, Perry doesn't smiles since the 60's. Perry replied that she always smile when she sees him. Perry asks if Leo wants a 'school board approved air hug' and still did it without Leo refusing. Leo defends himself by taking his arm to shield his entire body. Perry added that the air hug was good and asks for Leo's air hug. Perry then offered Leo a home-made cookie. Leo accepts the offer and takes a bite out of one of them. Leo's surprised because the cookie was delicious. Perry told him that the cookies was from the gourmet cafeteria. Leo asked her if it's really gourmet and added that it was coming from a woman who thinks mold is a vegetable. As they entered the cafeteria, Leo noticed the pretty and slender lunch ladies and asks Perry if they really are the lunch ladies. Perry answered yes and told Leo that she tried finding prettier ones, but she thinks they'll do. In the cafeteria, Adam, Bree and Chase stood up from their table. Leo got excited when he found where his step-siblings are. Leo talked to them, but Chase yelled to everyone to check out the exchange student from Nerdistan. Bree agreed and told Leo to step off because they do not know him and added that she would never put her poodle in the outfit Leo was wearing. Leo tried reminding them that he's Leo and told them that they were Adam, Bree, and Chase Davenport. Adam told him that they were not Davenport, but instead, they were Henderson. Adam then looked down at Leo and asks if he's lost. Leo said that he does not understand. Adam then said that there is so much to not understand in life and asked what will happen if everyone in the world stop for a second and just existed. Adam then spoke in french. Leo asked them what is going on and asked Bree to help him out. Bree told him that her name is pronounced "Breh" and told him that it's like "Breath" without the "th". Leo then asked what is wrong with them and that they were all best friends. He then added that he is now bionic. Leo said to them that he didn't even get to show them his lightning fingers. Suddenly, a spark of lightning generated from his hands and hit the trash bin. Witnessing Leo's bionics, the Henderson ran away, screaming.

After some time, Leo walks down the stairs inside the hallway of the school and Donald is beside the stairs, waiting for Leo. Leo asks Donald what he is doing at school. Donald answers that he always picks him up from school. Donald then added that his mother insisted it and told Leo that it's the few minutes a day where he can enjoy natural sunlight. Leo tells him that this world is very different from his own world. Donald told him that his world is only limited to the lab, plus the thrill he gets for 15 minutes a day coming to pick him up. He then added that stoplights are awesome. The Henderson then comes out and greeted Leo. Donald said, "Look who made some friends?". Leo then introduces Donald to Adam, Bree, and Chase and asks Donald if he does not recognize them. Donald answered that he does not know them. Chase then pointed a finger at Donald and told everyone that it's the guy who gets all excited at spotlights. Donald told them to take all their time and that he's gonna be in the car playing with the windows. Bree told Leo that they have a confession; which is that they believed what Leo told them earlier. Adam then added that they want Leo to know that his bionic secret is safe with them. Leo then told them that it's glad to have them back. They then hugged each other. Meanwhile, a person in a black suit walks into the hallway. The Henderson then pushed Leo away and told the person in a black suit that Leo's the bionic freak. The person in a black suit told Leo to freeze and that he's coming with him. Leo then told the Henderson that he is not a fan of them.

The person in a black suit holds Leo with his right arm and is having a phone call with the other. Leo asked the Henderson how could they turn him in. Chase answered that it was easy. He told Leo that they just have to call the person in a black suit. Principal Perry then comes out of her office and smashed the person in a black suit with a metal plate, causing him to fall down to the ground. Perry then said to him that no one messes with her rollerblading buddy. Donald then comes in the hallway and told Leo that it's hot in the car and that he's not allowed to use the air conditioner. He then asked Leo if he is coming or not. As Perry immobilizes the person in a a black suit, she stated that she used to be a Christmas elf at the Mission Creek Mall and added that no one can cut in Santa's line on her watch. After that, Perry told Leo and Donald to run.

At Leo's house, Donald said it doesn't make sense and that the Leo he knows will never show his bionics in front of people. Leo tells Donald, again, that he is not the Leo of his universe. Leo explained to Donald that he came here from another universe through a wormhole that Donald created. Donald asked Leo if he was serious about that. Leo answered, "Yeah". Donald was amazed by this and promised Leo that he will protect him while he is in his universe. After that ended the conversation, many people in a black suit appeared from the ceiling, the doors, and the stair. Because of this too much pressure, Donald fainted and Leo told him why his mom, Tasha, keeps him in the basement. After Donald recovered, they handcuffed Leo and Donald on a pillar. The person in a black suit who showed up at Leo's school revealed his name; Special Agent Gordon. Gordon introduces himself to them and revealed his membership in the Department of Homeland Special Ops Unit. Gordon admitted that they do not know how Leo 'does what he does' and told him that they're going to find that out, even if it takes years in an isolated desert warehouse. He added, "Hope you sweat a lot, that's the only water you'll get." Leo told him, "What if I just break out of these?". Gordon replied that the handcuffs are explosive. When the link breaks, handcuffs detonate. Donald told Leo that if he's going to break free, he'd want him to explode the opposite side. Meanwhile, one of the members of the "DHSOU" captures Tasha. Tasha tries breaking free out of the guy's grip, and told him that she is Tasha Dooley of Tasha's Technologies. Donald then told her, "Please don't yell at me. I know I'm in the living room, but technically, they chained me here." Tasha ignored Donald and asked her son if he's hurt. Gordon pulled Tasha's right arm away. Leo apologized and said,"I'm sorry, mom. I didn't mean to use my B-I-O-N-I-C-S at school." Gordon told him that they can spell, except Agent Dorris who likes to sound things out. Tasha, trying to keep the secret, told Gordon that Leo's not bionic, but rather gifted. She turned to Leo and said,"You were always discovering something new about yourself.". Agent Dorris then tries to hold his grip on her. Tasha told him to watch the suit, or she's telling his boss. Gordon interfered and told her that he is Dorris's boss. Dorris then pulled Tasha out of the house. Donald thinks about what Tasha said. He told Leo that Tasha might have been telling Leo to use one of his abilities to escape. Leo told him that the handcuffs would explode if he tries to escape. Donald told him to use one of his new uploaded abilities; geo-leaping, he then explained how it works. Leo asked Donald if he can geo-leap, but Donald answered that it he can, but it hasn't been tested yet. As Donald tries to talk more, Leo teleported them to the school's gourmet cafeteria. Perry found the 2 and asked why they are here. She told them to duck and cover. Two of the members came searching in the school, Perry told the 2 that he'll drive them away while they hide. She yelled at the members that the bionic kid is in front of the school, stacking school buses. As the members went outside, Leo and Donald stood up and Leo admitted that this world is not as good as he thinks. He added that he'd give up everything he got in this universe just to go back to his original family. Donald told him that he wishes to help him. Leo told him that he could. He told him about the proton fuser. Donald didn't like the idea, and don't Leo that it will not work because he made it. Leo told him what the original Donald told him, "If you have a dream, believe in it." and added that it's time for him to believe in himself. Donald thought about and told Leo that if it works, how will they enter the lab without getting caught. Leo told him that this is the time where flying is handy. Suddenly, the Henderson appears walking in the cafeteria. Donald and Leo immediately took cover behind one of the tables. Chase told his siblings to keep looking because Leo might be anywhere. Adam replied that while they are at it, why don't they look inside themselves for answers to question that they are afraid to ask. Bree complains of how this is very ridiculous and tells them he's not here. She then added that Leo might be in the mall. Adam and Chase told her that they are not going to the mall. Behind the tables, Leo geo-leaped into the middle of the hallway of the school. Leo told Donald that he thought of the lab and is wondering why they ended up here instead of the lab. Donald replied that the ability glitched and told him that it wasn't tested. Leo decided that he's going to need to super speed home, carrying Donald in the process. Donald told him that he gets motion sickness and wanted Leo to abort the plan. The Henderson then found the 2 and called the members to get in the hallway. Leo turned to him and told him that he's annoying in both universes. Leo then used super speed with Donald. After Leo and Donald got away, Bree asked her brothers if they can now go to the mall. Only receiving disgusted face from his brothers.

After Leo and Donald arrived at their house, many members of DHSOU, including Gordon, awaits them. Gordon then tells his subordinates to capture Leo and Donald, using any force necessary. Donald asked Leo what they're gonna do next. Leo replied, "You heard the man. Use any force necessary". Leo then used his electrokinesis onto them. The members successfully dodged the lightning. They tried immobilizing Leo, but Parallel Leo knows martial arts (unlike the original Leo), which he used to defend himself. With the members lying on the ground, Leo and Donald entered the lab. In the lab, Leo told Donald that they don't have much time and ordered him to activate the proton fuser. Donald moved the fusers pointing at each other. He then turned to Leo and told him that he'd feel better doing it if Leo signs up some release forms. Leo yelled at Donald to push the buttons. After Donald push some buttons and activated the fuser, nothing happened. Donald then said,"See! Told you. It doesn't work!." The members caught up with them and they arrived in the elevator. Leo used super speed to close the path that is between them. Donald then told him,"Can't some dreams just die?" Leo answered that it takes a while for the wormhole to reach full size. Donald got an idea from what Leo just said and told him that he can tweak it. He again pushed some buttons and the portal to the other universe started expanding, the members started breaking through the path Leo just blocked. Leo asked him what happens once he leaves. Donald told him that both universes will reset the instant he left and that the things that happened will cease to exist, except that he'll now believe in himself. Leo was glad of what Donald just said and hugged him. The members passed the wall and tried to catch up on Leo. Leo jumped in the portal, sending him back to his original universe.

Leo arrives at the lab and enters the living room. Meanwhile, the family is still watching the movie and Adam cries,"I was so attached to that dog." After Leo entered, he noticed Gordon and assumed his 'electrokinesis pose'. Donald stood up and told Leo that it is Gordon, his new head of corporate security. Gordon greeted Leo and mocked him by doing his 'electrokinesis pose'. Leo started hugging Tasha and told the family that he is so happy to see them again. Tasha replied that she's happy to see Leo in a better mood and told him to put that energy into his chores. Leo agreed and promised that he will never complain about his chores ever again. Leo then added that it's good to be back home. Bree asked him why he said that. Leo revealed that he went into a parallel universe which the proton fuser, made by Donald, is responsible of. Leo then started telling how different they are in the parallel universe. Adam told him to not make up words and just tells them what happens. Leo begged them to believe him. Fortunately, Donald told him that he believes him because anywhere where Tasha is tech mogul is definitely an alternate universe. Tasha stared at him and Donald told him that he means she's smart and tries finding more excuses. He couldn't find one and told Tasha that he'll wash the dishes.

At the end of the episode, Donald is presenting another invention. Adam asks what the 'toy' does. Bree then told them that she hopes it cures boredom. Donald told him that it isn't a toy and is a cell replicator. Donald explains how it works and what it does, however, Leo arrives and starts breaking it with a hammer. Bree then said,"Well that cured my boredom!"


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  • Similar to Marcus and S-1, Leo has all of the Lab Rats' bionics, plus a few others such as geo-leaping.
  • In the Parallel Universe, the Lab Rats' last names is Henderson. It may not or may be their birth surname. It's implied the genetic material used to create the Lab Rats came from the Hendersons.
  • The original Principal Perry did not appear in this episode since only the alternate Perry appeared.
  • Leo has the same abilities as Victor Krane in this episode.
  • This is the first episode of the series where Adam, Bree, or Chase don't use their bionics
  • It is unknown if Douglas, Marcus, Eddy, and Victor Krane exist in the parallel universe, and if so what roles they have there.

Cultural References

  • A reference to the 1989 film Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is made when Leo uses super-speed to escape government agents, Adam and Chase mimic Keanu Reeves' famous "Whoa."


  • It is unknown how Parallel Universe Donald knows what will happen once the original Leo go back to his own universe, unless Parallel Donald experienced it in the past or studied this phenomena.
  • Leo said he's been looking forward to the movie all week, and he was watching it a little and laughing, but he said he's already seen the movie.
    • Although, he might have just liked the movie, and wanted to see it again.
  • When the Davenports are first seen watching a movie, Adam's arm lies across Bree's legs to get some popcorn from the bowl in Chase's lap, but when a different camera takes over, Adam's arm is pulled to his chest and is eating popcorn. Bree is also different, she was eating popcorn with her right hand, but when the camera changes she eats with her left hand.


Thanks a lot, Chase. You're super-annoying in TWO universes.
— Leo to Chase
Leo, it's hot in the car and I'm not allowed to use the air conditioning, so are you coming or not?
— Donald Davenport (Parallel Universe) to Leo
I just shot lightning out of my fingers. I don't know what's going on, but I'm terrified to pick my nose.
— Leo
We don't know how you do what you do. We're going to find out, even if it takes ten years in an isolated desert warehouse. Hope you sweat a lot. That's the only water you'll get.
— Agent Gordon
I do not know what just happened, but I need a bathroom!
— Leo
Of course. One of the many perks of being a billionaire. Well, that and being able to tease millionaires.
— Parallel Tasha to Leo


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Lab Rats - Parallel Universe

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