The Parallel Universe (Location) is an alternate universe that appeared in the episode, Parallel Universe. In this universe, everything from the original is the opposite.


  • Donald is no longer a brilliant scientist and his inventions are known to explode, and he is shown to have low confidence towards himself.
  • Davenport Industries is now called Tasha Technologies.
  • Adam, Bree, and Chase are no longer the Davenports. They are now the Hendersons.
  • Tasha is a tech mogul. She is a billionaire inventor and the owner of Tasha Technologies.
  • Leo has bionics, and is probably the only bionic person in that universe.
    • In the real universe, he has bionics only in his right arm and left leg.
  • Principal Perry is nice and friendly, and willing to sacrifice herself for Leo.
  • The lunch ladies are slender and more pretty.
  • Adam, Bree, and Chase are no longer friends with Leo. They are now enemies and even sold Leo to the government.
  • Donald is now Tasha's assistant.
  • Agent Gordon is one of the people who works for the government and is one of the people who tries to capture bionic Leo, however in the original universe, he is Donald's new head of Corporate Security.
  • Chase is an annoying jock.
  • Bree is a shallow mall rat and is a popular girl.
  • Adam is introspective and philosophical.
  • The Rosenblatts, who are Davenport's neighbors in the real universe, are possibly the Goldbergs, who were mentioned by Parallel Tasha.
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