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Perry: Morning germ sacks! I know you've all been complaining that the technology around here isn't quite... isn't quite... state of the art. So, thanks to yours truly, we're getting cutting edge equipment, for the whole school to enjoy. Jojo, Beddy! Comeone ladies, wheel it like it's out! Behold, Mission Creek High's brand new, media center!

Leo: I don't think you can call it technology, if you have to change the channel with pliers.

Chase: Why do I smell Formaldehyde?

Perry: Because I found it on a curb outside the morgue! I'm getting all my Christmas presents there, too. Aunt Dotty's getting sheets!

Chase: How is this thing, knew?

Perry: It's new to you, ladyface.

Alaster: Oh terribly sorry to trouble you, but can you help me find me locker?

Adam: I’m sorry, I don’t speak leprechaun.

Bree: But he is fluent in doofas!

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