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Well, if you ever need a loan, you know where I live, it's the castle at the top of the hill that casts a shadow over your entire existence.
— Pierce to Donald in The Bionic 500

Pierce Harrington was the obnoxious, rich neighbor of Donald Davenport who, along with his son Clayton, only appears in the episode, The Bionic 500. He is portrayed by Craig Zimmerman.


Pierce is an ultra-rich man (even richer than Donald). Ever since he moved to the neighborhood, he has been driving his car on Davenport's property at night, disturbing AdamBreeChase, Leo, and Donald from their sleep. When he challenged Davenport to a stock-car race in which the loser would have to give up the deed to their homes, he hired Joey Logano to race for him. Later, it was revealed that he paid Davenport's pit crew to sabotage his stock-car. Then when Joey quit the race because he doesn't work for cheaters, Pierce was left to finish the race himself. However he lost the race, meaning he and his son must now move.


Pierce is shown to be very arrogant and cocky (more than Donald). Pierce also posses a big ego saying that his house casts a shadow over Donald's existence. He seems to think that money is everything. He also seems to be creepy and crazy and disruptive and shown when he trespassed On the Davenport property and disturbed the peace by letting his tires screech loudly. Which also shows he has no respect for other people's property.


  • In The Bionic 500, Pierce cheated by bribing the race car repairers to sabotage Davenport's car so he could win. When Joey Logano found out, he quit racing for the Harringtons.
  • Pierce is said to be so rich that when he showed his balance to the others, he had to slide the screen three times on his phone to show so many 0's.