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Power Replication allows the user to touch someone and have whatever ability they have. When they touch another person, the old ability is replaced with the new one.


This dormant ability activated when Daniel stepped inside a capsule. Daniel copied Bree's super speed unintentionally and slammed into a wall when he tried to walk. Later, he copies Leo's bionics to play with, but it ends up breaking a gas tank, so he uses Adam's pressurized lung capacity to seal it.[1] When Daniel makes another visit to the island, he practices with multiple different abilities, but is unsuccessful with them because he says he does not have enough time to work with them individually. At the end of the episode, he copies Marcus in order to take him down and stop him from killing Douglas.[2]



Season 4

  • And Then There Were Four: Daniel's power gets activated when he takes a selfie in a capsule. He touches Bree and accidentally super speeds into a wall without meaning to. Afterwards, he copies Leo's ability to play skipping stones, then Adam's pressurized lung capacity to seal the hole that he made in a gas tank on accident.
  • The Vanishing: Daniel practices power replication, but is unable to grasp his bionic abilities. He says that he is unable to master them if he needs to learn so many at once. Douglas assigns Leo to teach him, and says that he won't give Daniel the upgrade because he should learn to work with his bionics. Later in Giselle's lair, Daniel replicates Marcus's bionics by grabbing his leg, effectively taking him down.