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Prank You Very Much” is the 23rd episode in Season 2 of Lab Rats. It first aired on November 25, 2013. This is the 43rd episode overall.


Bree is tired of being the target of the boys’ shenanigans and partners with Davenport to pull the ultimate prank.


Adam plans to prank Chase again by setting up 50 (49) gallons of expired milk in his capsule, which would dump on him when he entered the capsule, but Bree gets pranked instead because Adam got mixed up with the capsules. Bree is tired of being on the receiving end of the boys’ pranks on each other and partners with Donald to pull the ultimate prank on them.

Meanwhile, Leo's grandmother, Grandma Rose, visits and greatly disapproves of Janelle and her fashions and communication. Grandma Rose is accidentally pranked when she sat on the couch (which had been loaded with an airbag in an attempt to prank Adam and Chase), making her fly up to the ceiling, giving her a sprained ankle. Donald is punished by becoming her waiter. She has to use a scooter to move around.

Tasha is also accidentally pranked by Chase and Adam after opening the refrigerator by getting ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise on her face, when it was to be for Bree. She then teams up with Bree to pull a prank on Chase and Adam.

Leo programmed Grandma Rose's scooter GPS to go back home in Mission Creek so he and Janelle can spend time together.

Bree and Tasha made cookies for the boys with salt instead of sugar and chocolate chips that are "not chocolate", but Chase became suspicious and scanned the cookies. Bree pretended to give up. Adam and Chase went to play video games but the game controllers got glued to their hands. Bree then switched on an overhead magnet pulling them up to the ceiling. Chase and Adam asked them to let them down and Bree pushed a tub full of Adam's expired milk below them and they both fell into the pool.

Leo arrives back home and noticed that it's been hours since he programmed Rose's GPS but she still hasn't reached home yet. Donald tracked her and they both found out she went to Mission Creek, Illinois. 

Adam plays with the magnet by bringing some metal objects. Leo and Donald brought Grandma Rose back home. But with the magnet still on, Grandma Rose's wheelchair got attracted by the magnet.


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  • Adam and Chase's video game controllers were Xbox 360 controllers.
  • It would be nearly impossible for Chase to see the whoopy cushion on the chair since it was turned face the audience, however, he may have scanned the room.
  • This episode takes place in the month of November. Coincidentally, this episode aired in November.
  • This is the first thanksgiving prank episode, with the second being Face Off.
  • There were eight pranks featured on the show: the expired milk in Bree's capsule (intended for Chase), the slippery floor, the couch airbag (intended for Adam and Chase), the ketchup/mustard/mayo prank, the foreign matter cookies (this prank was intended for Adam and Chase but didn't work), glue on the video game controllers, the giant magnet, and the expired milk and meat in pool.
  • In the show, Mission Creek, California is a city, and there is another city named Mission Creek, which is in Illinois.
  • This episode is named from the common phrase, "Thank you very much!"
  • This episode reveals what Leo's and Janelle's first words were.


  • Before Rose sits on the couch, she is seen tossing her purse on the couch, but when the air bag shoots her up, she is seen holding her purse.
  • When Adam and Chase pick up the pranked controllers, they get stuck holding them on the side. Then when they get pulled up from the magnet, they are holding them across the centre.
  • The controllers Adam and Chase get glued to completely disappear when they are dunked into the pool.


Adam: Act cool.

Leo: I don't need to act. It's in my blood, baby.

Adam and Leo
Seriously, do you think I was born tomorrow?


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