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Heck, I don't know what's more shocking - Perry thinking Chase is an alien or two bionic people struggling to subdue her!

Principal from Another Planet” is the 8th episode in Season 3 of Lab Rats. It first aired on April 14, 2014. This is the 54th episode overall.


An alien life form takes control of Principal Perry's body during a lunar eclipse. Meanwhile, Leo tries to capture the rare weird events of what happens during the lunar eclipse on camera.

Donald Panicking


Donald is excited for the first lunar eclipse. Meanwhile, Leo is determined to find the bizarre events on the lunar eclipse.When Perry claims to see an alien spaceship everybody panics. Perry suggests Chase is the queen and will have babies. Perry spits green goo slowly turning into a alien. Down in the lab the Lab Rats try to trap her in the capsules but fail. Adam attempts to defeat the alien but fails. When the alien goes to sleep Leo tries to get a close-up but is captured by the alien instead. Adam, Bree, Chase and Davenport find Leo and free him and the aliens leave to go take over Mars instead. In the end, it is revealed the entire episode was just a short sci-fi film Leo made for a film festival.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

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  • The new episodes (Kickin' It, Mighty Med, Lab Rats) that aired on April 14 all involve lunar eclipses, meaning that it is part of a special Show Me the Monday called "Show Me the Moonday".
  • This episode was shown on Disney XD On Demand and Watch Disney XD a week before it officially aired on Disney XD.
  • Adam is the only one who uses his bionics in this episode.
  • This is the first episode in which a human acts like another creature. The second being Adam in Bionic Dog, and the third being Bob in Bob Zombie.
  • This is the first alien themed episode, with the second being Alien Gladiators.


  • When Chase says: "Should I invite you next time?", Bree stands behind him with hands on her hips, but when the scene changes to a wide screen, she stands with arms folded.
  • Adam says he thought the last time he took a shower was in 1998, but before escaping the lab in Crush, Chop and Burn to go to school, he took a shower. However, this could be possible because of Adam's lack of intelligence or simply a joke.
  • Perry says her family dumped her in the desert, and left her there, but she has family like Mother Perry and Kerry Perry.


Wow, congrats, Chase. You actually found a way to ruin food.
— Adam to Chase
Leo: During the last eclipse, I saw a bird fly backwards - and no one believed me.

Bree: It's not that we didn't believe you. We just don't care about the things you say.

— Leo and Bree
Nothing bad's gonna happen tonight. *Principal Perry bursts in*And I spoke too soon.
Bree: Do you have any redeeming qualities?

Principal Perry: Is having violent mood swings considered redeeming? I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!

— Bree and Perry
Bree: Why are you gasping?

Adam: I enjoy a good gasp. I'm a gasper.

— Bree and Adam
I'm filming my own demise!
— Leo
Hey, I've been around enough truck stops at 3:00 A.M. to know when somethin' weird's goin' on; and, trust me, there's a bunch of E.T.'s living in his little boy guts!
— Perry
Perry: I was up on my neighbor's roof top, borrowing their solar panels, when I saw it.
Leo: Saw what?
Perry: The spacecraft. The aliens are using the lunar eclipse to hide their spaceship and invade Earth.
Adam: Yeah, I read about it in line at the super market, it's true, aliens live among us. Oh, and Ryan Seacroast has a great meat loaf recipe and the secret? Crackers.
Leo: You see? You see, I told you weird things were gonna happen tonight: first, Principal Perry sees a spaceship, and then, Adam claims to have read something.
Leo, Adam, and Perry
It's strong than Adam! We're all goners
You guys discuss. I've got a thing.



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