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Radiation Absorption is a bionic ability created by Dr. Gao through liquid bionics who allows the user to control and manipulate every form of radiation. It is also a subset/variation of Energy Transference.


  • Dr. Gao: the mad and bionic villain Dr. Gao uses this bionic ability to absorb the heat and energy of Adam's Heat Vision. In outers words, he absorbs the radiation.is a variation of energy transference

Similar powers

  • Ultraviolet Push: because the ultraviolet push is a radiation base attack we can say is an offensive version of the Radiation absorption.
  • Magnetism App: because is an ability who can manipulate metal has a similar effect in some radioactive tests in science
  • Metallic Blast: The same applies in this bionic ability, the difference between the Magnetism App and this ability is that this ability is an offensive ability


  • This is the only exclusive bionic ability from Dr. Gao.