They may not accept us, but it's our mission to protect them.
Chase to Krane about the people of the world


"Rise of the Secret Soldiers" is the 21st and 22nd episode in Season 3 of Lab Rats. It first aired on January 26, 2015. This is the 67th-68th episode overall. It features the first appearance of Sebastian and the Bionic Soldiers


As Adam, Bree, and Chase become celebrities, fame begins to tear them apart. The friction among the group becomes evident when a reality show follows them on a mission and things don't go well. However, they must put aside their differences to stop Krane from his evil plan of taking over the planet.


Part 1

Leo arrives at the household to give Adam, Bree, and Chase some interesting news. He brought home magazines that have incorrect info on the bionic team. Bree and Chase are upset, but it seems that Adam likes it, because it has things about him. They try to fix it by planning to gain good publicity by having a camera crew film them during a mission, which was to stop a power surge. However, it turns to disaster when they fight for screen time. Meanwhile, Perry gives Bionic House tours to gain money because the Davenports won't let her steal stuff. Adam, Bree and Chase failing the mission sends the world into total darkness, leading America and the rest of the world to turn against them. The president orders the team to stay away from the public in order to let him settle things down. Leo and Perry are holding back angry protesters, who want Adam, Bree, and Chase gone, but things take a turn for the worst when Leo accidentally uses his bionic arm. As the protesters become even more enraged, they try to storm the house, and Adam panics and uses his bionic super breath to blow everyone off the premises. This causes the world to become fearful of bionic humans all over again. However, the three get into a fight. They eventually decide to break up the team.

Part 2

Three weeks later, Adam, Bree and Chase are shown not talking to each other, and acting normal with their bionics. Mr. President informs Donald about communications equimpment being stolen from the local military base, and tells him to get the team back on the job. They are forced into action when Krane plans to use his Triton app on everyone in the world. A large battle ensues pitting the Lab Rats, Donald, Douglas, and Leo versus Krane and his bionic army. Soon, however, although the Lab Rats manage to hold back many of the soldiers, they are running out of time to stop Krane and his Triton App. Douglas then reveals that Adam, Bree, and Chase can fuse their abilities to stop Krane, and they succeed. The soldiers are no longer controlled by Krane, who's been blasted far away, which caused them to drop like flies. But their victory is cut short when they find Donald in serious condition, and later they find even after surgery Donald is still in very delicate condition.


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Uh, just to set the record straight, I can keep a boyfriend, I just can’t get one. No wait, I can get one, I just– I-I mean… You know what? I can run 500 mph, what can you do?!
Bree to the camera


Is this another, 'Let's use Leo as bait' plan?
Leo to The Team

The country is counting on you. And also wants you to put a shirt on.
Mr. President talking to the whole team then about Adam being shirtless

Let's go get em!
— Adam

That's cute, too bad this isn't a piñata party.
S-3 to Chase

This area's clear. And not any more!

Okay, I know how we can fix this. A commercial free sit-down with Oprah. Which one of you cries best?

Nice Leo! Now you can suck all the energy out of things. Just like Chase!
Adam to Leo when he gets a new ability

So, I hear you're the smart one.
S-3 to Chase

And there's nobody here.

They may not accept us, but it's our mission to protect them.

Then I guess... This is the end of you!

Well, Jets are playing Green Bay.


  • This is the second time Bree has quit the team. The first being Three Minus Bree.
  • This is the 3rd one-hour special in Season 3. (Along with Sink or Swim and You Posted What?!?)
  • This is the 5th one-hour long episode overall. (Along with Crush, Chop and BurnBionic ShowdownSink or Swim and You Posted What?!?)
  • People still think Leo is 8.
  • Leo has been used as bait in past missions.
  • Leo got a mission suit in the episode.
  • Leo got a new bionic ability: Energy Transference.
  • Victor Krane had been using Douglas's technology behind his back to genetically engineer
    an entire army of bionic soldiers.
  • The Lab Rats' bionics are maxed out.
  • This is the second one hour episode that Tasha doesn't make a physical appearance in. The first would be Bionic Showdown.
  • S-1 was presumed deceased after this episode, but she was revealed to be alive when she returned in One of Us.
  • Bree had highlights in this episode.
  • Chase mentioned in Avalanche! that "teams never quit on each other". In this episode, however, it happened.
  • S-1 and S-3 both had a stunt-double in this episode.
  • This is the first time the Rats fail to complete a mission they started.
  • The team was disbanded in this episode, however, they reformed after defeating Krane.
  • Davenport was severely injured from Krane and was left in a coma. This event is later repeated in Lab Rats: Elite Force, when Douglas is severely injured by Reese. Sadly, due to Elite Force being canceled, although Douglas has now been confirmed alive it is still unknown what state he is in after the attack or what effects that might have had on him, whether that would be blindness (likely as Reese did blast him in the eyes), paralysis requiring him to use a wheelchair, or even possibly if Reese’s attack somehow affected him to the point that he gained abilities from it.

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  • Leo accidentally exposed his bionic arm in front of all the protesters. Now everyone knows there were 4 bionic people.
  • Adam used his pressurized lung capacity on all the protesters, making people think that the team is dangerous since they "attacked them".
  • This is the first time the Lab Rats had a huge argument, bringing in their old memories of Bree quitting the team and Chase doing a mission alone.
  • This episode was split the 23rd and 24th into two parts: "Mission Fail" and "Forces Unite".
  • This is the first episode to air in 2015.
  • This is the first of the two times where 2 characters use their Laser Bo bionic ability against each other, the other episode where this happens is Bionic Rebellion.
  • This is the first time we see the Lab Rats merge their bionics. This is also the first time someone combines their bionics to make a powerful attack. The second was Taylor and Leo making an EMP.
  • The soldiers such as S-3 first show their faces in this episode.
  • This is the final episode not to have the bionic island shown or mentioned.
  • This is the last Season 3 episode with Douglas.
  • The events of this episode were mentioned in Bionic Houseparty, Unauthorized Mission, Bionic Rebellion and Space Colony.
  • This is the first episode to feature a main character shirtless: Adam takes his shirt off to mug for the cameras documenting the family. (Chase would later appear shirtless in two episodes during season 4).
  • Pike's Crest is a place in England.
  • Innuedo: Chase stated that there was a rumor of having twins, implying that the rumor thought Chase had sex with someone.
  • Several scenes from the full length version of the episode were cut when it was split into two parts:
    • The entire scene immediately after the Lab Rats disband, where Adam and Chase annoy Leo and Bree and Chase ask Donald for money, was cut. Part 1 immediately ends after they disband in the lab, while Part 2 immediately starts with Donald, Leo, and Douglas in the lab.
    • Part 1 contains a unique ending that is not present in the full-length version, where Perry returns all of the stolen items from the Davenport Household.
    • A few scenes of Donald and Douglas fighting the Bionic Army were cut.
    • When Bree takes out two female Bionic Soldiers, she makes a comment after doing so, which was cut.
    • After Chase takes out S-3, the latter says, "Gotta admit, I did not see that coming," after which Chase points his Laser Bo right in his face.
    • After Krane takes out Donald with his large energy ability, he runs over to his computer and tells his army, "Cover me while I check the signal."
    • After Douglas reveals himself hiding behind a barrel, he nervously says, "I'm not hiding, I'm picking berries to use as weapons. They could be poisonous!"
    • Before Chase asks Douglas how to activate the chip fusing ability, he says, "We only have two minutes left!", and after he asks the question, he, Bree, and Adam briefly argue about how they might not make it before coming to an agreement. Both of those lines were cut in the split version.
    • When Adam, Bree, and Chase walk through the army and meet Krane face-to-face, Krane says, "I think it's time we finish this, don't you?", which is cut.
    • A few scenes of the Lab Rats performing the chip fusing ability were cut, making it shorter.
    • When Adam, Bree, Chase, and Douglas celebrate Krane's defeat, Adam and Bree briefly make a consensus that they are a team again, which is cut.
    • When Leo yells, "Guys, get over here quick!", the camera is focused on Adam, Bree, Chase, and Douglas in the full-length version, while it is focused on Leo in the split version.
  • In the ending exclusive to Part 1, one of the items seen in Perry's pile of items she stole from the house was one of the older mission suits that Adam, Bree, and Chase used from Rats on a Train up until Bionic Showdown Part 1.


  • When Principal Perry attempts to steal household items, her trench coat keeps switching from buttoned up to open.
  • In Concert in a Can, Adam said he has a third nipple, however in this episode, it's shown Adam has just two nipples. However, it could have been because Adam isn't very smart.
  • When Leo pulls Perry into the house from the protest, the sign she was holding disappears.
  • When Douglas says, "...busted into the Pentagon last night," to the rest of the team, Leo is seen standing to Donald's right, but in the next camera cut when Donald says, "What!? The Pentagon's the most secure facility in the world," Leo is suddenly seen walking from behind Donald to his side.



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