Zip it, Dooley!
— Robo Perry and Principal Perry to Leo in Perry 2.0

Robo Perry is robot created by Donald Davenport and is designed to roam the halls, handing out detentions to students while Terry Perry is away. She is a robotic version of Principal Perry and patrols the hallways in Mission Creek High. She makes her appearance in Perry 2.0. She was later destroyed in the end of the episode, by Perry.

She is portrayed by Maile Flanagan.


Robo Perry is a silver/gray robot of Terry Perry that no students in Mission Creek High like. Donald created Robo Perry because if he did so, the school board will put his name on the school. Later on, Leo and Chase hated it so much that they want to destroy the robot while it's charging for revenge. Things went wrong, and the robot starts destroying everything in its path. Later, the robot gets destroyed by Terry Perry when the school board walks in.


  • Search and Destroy: According to Donald, when any unauthorized user messes with Robo Perry, she goes to her default setting which is Search and Destroy, where she walks around the school destroying everything near her.


No, you are going down, fleshy me!
— Robotic Perry
You've got detention, searching database for insult, mouth breather
— Robo Perry

Principal Perry with the destroyed Robo Perry.


  • She was created because of Donald's ego and ruined everything due to that reason.
  • She was destroyed by her human self (Terry Perry).
  • She is very strong as she nearly defeated Terry Perry.
  • Her original programming was for military patrol.
  • She looks like she's made of titanium.


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