Look, Leo, I know you're gonna miss Adam, Bree and Chase. So, I laser scanned their features onto these biosynthetic robots and I programmed them with their core personality traits. Is this great or what? It'll be like they never left.

Chase and Bree robots

The Robots were made in Crush, Chop, and Burn when Mr. Davenport attempted to replace Adam, Bree and Chase, while the real ones get sent away.


Invented by Donald Davenport, the robots consist of metal, making them indestructible. They are a parody or caricature of the bionic sibling they represent, much to the amusement of the other siblings.

Adam's Robot

He flicks Leo and stands around telling people the time and temperature. 

Chase's Robot

He enjoys doing math. He has a glitch causing him to stutter until someone hits him in the stomach.

Bree's Robot

She acts rude, insulting Bree by saying she has a faint mustache under her nose.

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Adam, Bree and Chase robots

Crush, Chop and Burn

When Adam, Bree, and Chase host a party at their house after Davenport forbade contact with the outside world, Davenport can't trust them and decides to send them away to an isolated training facility. Leo opposes this decision, stating that Adam, Bree, and Chase are his best friends. In response, Davenport creates robots to fill this void. Leo rejects them, and the bionic siblings are taken away. However, they pretended to forget something, then swapped places with the robots once they reached home. 


Hey everyone. I'm Chase. Let's do ma-ma-ma-math.
— Chase's robot glitching
Bree: Does my nose really look like that?

Bree's Robot: No, yours has a faint mustache underneath.

— Bree and Bree's Robot
Good morning. The time is 11:22 and the temperature is currently 68 degrees.
— Adam's Robot
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