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Rose is Leo Dooley's grandmother and Tasha Davenport's mother. She is also the step-grandmother of Adam, Bree, and Chase, and mother-in-law of Donald.

She is portrayed by Telma Hopkins.


Rose is Leo's grandmother, and Tasha's mother. She is shown to be quite critical of her daughter, and is shown to be mean to her son-in-law, Donald. She is the step grandmother of Adam, Bree, and Chase. Rose is very fond and overprotective of Leo. She does not like lip gloss, text messaging, or glitter for reasons unknown.

She comes over to Davenport's home in Exoskeleton vs. Grandma to visit her daughter, son-in-law, and her grandson. She becomes suspicious of Adam, Bree, and Chase and even more suspicious when she sees the exoskeleton robot that Davenport created.

Rose later appears in the episode, Prank You Very Much. She ruins hangout time between Janelle and Leo. When Leo wants to have time with Janelle, he programs her transporter GPS to send her home, but accidentally sends her to Mission Creek, Illinois.

Rose appears in Merry Glitchmas, and finds out Leo has a bionic arm. She then calls Donald a bad father, which upsets Leo, causing him to stand up to her.


Tasha Davenport

Tasha is Rose's daughter. They are shown to be very similar. Tasha once said that Rose was hard on her growing up. They are often visiting each other. They are very estranged and Tasha criticize everything she does.

Donald Davenport

Donald Davenport is Rose's son-in-law. In Prank You Very Much, she didn't like Donald a lot. She hit him with her crutches and Donald was forced to chaperone her while she was injured. In Merry Glitchmas, she called Donald a bad father to Leo. However, Rose loves Donald like Tasha.

Leo Dooley

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Leo Dooley is Rose's grandson. She is very protective over him, mostly show in Prank You Very Much. She also ruins hangout time between him and Janelle. In Twas The Mission Before Christmas, Leo said that she makes a good turkey every Christmas. She was angry when she found out Leo was bionic in Merry Glitchmas.


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