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Roseo (Ros/e and L/eo) is the grandmother/grandson relationship between Rose and Leo Dooley. Rose is very protective of Leo and cares about him a lot.

Other Names

  • Reo (R/ose + L/eo)
  • Roleo (Ro/se + Leo)
  • Lose (L/eo + R/ose)
  • Leose (Le/o + R/ose)


Season 1

Exoskeleton vs. Grandma

  • Rose squeezed Leo's cheeks.
  • Rose tells Chase that he should save Leo.
  • Rose tells the exoskeleton "Nobody touches my grandson!"
  • Rose kicks the exoskeleton to save Leo.

Season 2

Prank You Very Much

  • Leo introduces Rose to Janelle.
  • Rose doesn't want Leo to be with Janelle.
  • Leo accidentally sends Rose to Mission Creek, Illinois.
  • Leo is shocked when he found out that he sent Rose to Mission Creek, Illinois.

Season 3

Merry Glitchmas

  • Rose sees Leo using his bionics.
  • Rose is shocked about him having bionics.
  • Rose doesn't blame Leo.
  • Rose wants to keep Leo safe.
  • Leo doesn't want Rose to blame Donald.
  • Leo stands up to Rose.
  • Rose is shocked about Leo standing up to her.
  • Rose doesn't know Leo's age.
  • Leo corrects Rose.
  • At the end of the episode, Leo agrees with Rose.


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