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That, sir, is the bad buzz, which means no chip. But there is a Chip in prison, and he is mean.
— Agent Ryker in Hole In One

Special Agent Ryker is a character who came to the Davenport Household to arrest Donald Davenport for selling forged art. He searched the house and was about to find the lab until Adam, Bree, and Chase came in with the real painting. He only appeared in Hole in One.

He is portrayed by Laird Macintosh.


Agent Ryker is first seen when Donald gets a knock at the door. He said he got a call from a prospective buyer that Donald was attempting to sell forged art. When Donald didn't know what he was talking about, he showed him the painting, and showed him the price tag, saying he bought it at the Art Depot, on sale. Donald didn't understand, and Agent Ryker thought he didn't understand what a sale was, so he explained it to him. Agent Ryker then tells him that selling forged art is a felony, and told him he could be in prison for 20 years.

Donald tried to tell him the painting is an original, and told him to scan it, so he did, and it made a buzzing sound, which meant no chip. Bree steps in just in time to save Donald, saying that it is actually a fake, since they made a hole in the real one. So Adam, Bree and Chase go to get the painting, while Agent Ryker and the rest of the agents search the house, with Leo and Donald there.

Leo and Donald planned on distracting Agent Ryker, which didn't work out so well. One of the agents finds the button that activates the hidden elevator. They go in the elevator, to all the rooms, then to the Art Vault. Agent Ryker told Donald he had another floor, (which was the Lab) and told him if he doesn't take them there, they will make him take them there. But when they're about to go the Lab, Adam, Bree and Chase come in with the real painting, which saves Donald. Agent Ryker apologizes for the inconvenience, and tells Donald good luck with the singing career. Him and the rest of the agents then go in the elevator, and leave the house.