Sabrina is a character who appeared in the episode Spike Fright. She worked with Chase to build a molecule for a school project.

She is portrayed by Ashlee Füss.


Adam had a crush on her to start as he noticed her "checking him out", but she displayed affection towards Chase, despite him being bionic. When a chemistry project was assigned to her, she asked Chase if they could work on it together (the project was apparently a large molecule). She thought Chase was charming, funny, sweet and sensitive, and he didn't try to impress her just because he's bionic. When Adam made fun of Chase and made him nervous about his first kiss, he turned into Spike, who destroyed their molecule project and began to flirt with Sabrina.

She stopped working with Chase and left. Adam felt bad for what he did and talked to Sabrina, convincing her that Chase was a good guy. It is hinted at the end of the episode that she will continue to hang out with Chase.


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