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Victory lap!
— Scott when he wins or accomplishes something at Tech Town

Scott is a recurring character in Lab Rats. He is the Tech Town manager.

He is portrayed by Dustin Ingram.


Scott is the manager of Tech Town, an electronics store in Mission Creek Mall. He first appears in the episode, Zip It, where he hires Bree and later Chase to work there.

He makes a second appearance in Not So Smart Phone, where his preference for Chase is somewhat downplayed. Near the end of the episode, he fires Caitlin because she destroyed a phone.


He is a strict and obnoxious boss, and he picks favorites (mainly Chase). However, he is also goofy and geeky, and has a liking for socks and technology. He is shown to favor Chase (thinking of them as a hierarchy) over Bree and to some extent Caitlin, giving him good treatment and Bree and Caitlin poor treatment.


Season 3


  • Every time Scott and Chase try to high-five each other, they miss each other.
  • He doesn't like Caitlin laughing after he says something.
  • As of Scramble the Orbs, he doesn't like Chase laughing the same way as him.
  • In Zip It, when he gave Chase an ice cream and Chase gave it to Bree, Scott took the ice cream. This possibly shows how he likes Chase more than Bree.
  • When he announces the annual app contest in Scramble the Orbs, he says that he won before, stating that he has won his own prize of a $500 gift card.
  • He gets annoyed by Bree.
  • He has an app he created called Cavity Crushers, where the antagonist is candy.
    • He thinks the antagonist of his app isn't evil, however, misunderstood.
  • He does "victory laps" around Tech Town when something good happens to him or when he wins something.
  • He has banned Terry Perry from Tech Town. (Brother Battle)
  • He has a big ego.
  • He buys his socks at Foot World.
  • He sometimes puts his foot or leg on the front display.
    • This is possibly to draw attention to his socks.
  • He puts his tie in his chest pocket.
  • He created a game similar to Candy Crush.


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